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All seemed quiet on the KEMCO front with recent releases drying up. However, they are here once again with a very retro looking RPG. Can it deliver with classic gameplay too? Find out as Dragon Prana releases today on Xbox and PC.

You play as descendants of heroes that managed to imprison an evil king 120 years ago. That same king though has broken free and once again threatens to destroy the world. With your heroic lineage there, can you once again defeat the evil king and restore peace?

To help you, choose from over 20 different classic RPG classes that can be changed on the fly. Use these along with boards and formations to improve your stats and gain the advantage in the turn-based battles.

Dragon Prana is a retro RPG visually but offers some more modern gameplay twists. Our resident KEMCO reviewer Mr. Paul Renshaw is already on the case preparing a review, but you can check his other KEMCO reviews right here.

On the Xbox Store this very moment, Dragon Prana will cost you £12.49. If you are looking for a bit of a leg-up in terms of help, there are some DLC packs to make things easier. As follows:

Or you could ignore these altogether and play the game as intended. But it is nice to have a choice, isn’t it?

Let us know in the comments below if Dragon Prana is on your radar.

Game description

An evil king that threatened the world in the past becomes free from his seal after 120 years. The descendants of the heroes who saved the world have to stand up to fight this new evil. However, will the world overcome the suzerainty and racial pride of humans, elves and dwarves to face this threat? A fantastic retro RPG with top quality nostalgic pixel art and a game system worthy of modern times. Battle with more than 20 classes that can be changed in combat and unlock boards to strengthen stats and learn special skills. The formations are also important to get advantages in turn-based battles. In the end, clear a wide variety of conditions in-game to earn high quality rewards!

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