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KEMCO’s JRPG juggernaut just keeps ploughing onward, and today sees the arrival of their latest, Dragon Lapis on Microsoft Xbox One and PC via Windows. 

It boggles the mind to know how they manage it: every few months, a new JRPG hits our shores, for a budget price and with dozens of play-hours attached. KEMCO obviously have it down to a fine art, and there’s clearly an audience for it. If you’re in that audience, here’s your push-notification to hop into the Xbox Store and go purchase.

For the more cynical amongst us, there are actually a few reasons why Dragon Lapis stands out from KEMCO’s crowd. It’s a sequel to Dragon Sinker, one of the more popular and well-reviewed of KEMCO’s releases, so it has a certain pedigree. It also seems to have an interesting and intricate progression system, with growth plates that can be attached to characters to unlock a web of strength parameters and job ranks. It looks like this might be one of those KEMCO RPGs for min-maxing strategists.

Outside of these two notable elements, it’s a bit more of the same. There’s a hokey plot about a royal knight who’s the descendant of a hero who once saved the planet, now on a mission to do the same himself. There are dragons too, as a Silver Dragon has awakened to assault the kingdom. Sally forth, gather your team, chomp on provisions and clear out dungeons before escape-roping outta there. 

As you’ll notice from the Features from the press-release, there are a few quirks that are either mistranslated or mighty curious. We’re eager to try out dungeon ‘gimmicks’, whatever they might be, and buy a ticket for a lottery to gain powerful items. There’s a note that composer Ryuji Sasai is involved as well, who had a hand in Final Fantasy Legends III and Mystic Quest, which is quite some coup. 


  • Make a return to the golden age of RPGs!
  • Intuitive controls & retro graphics!
  • Unlock the growth plates to power up characters!
  • Change and master jobs to use more abilities!
  • Plenty of subquests and extra content!
  • Challenging dungeons full of gimmicks and formidable opponents!
  • Fight various enemies and complete the Enemy Guide!
  • Play the Lottery to win strong equipment!
  • Character’s appearance changes depending on their job!
  • Splendid BGM from the renowned game composer Ryuji Sasai!

If we’ve gained your attention and curiosity, then Dragon Lapis is out now on Microsoft Xbox One for £12.49 plus microtransactions should you wish. Should you like what you find in Dragon Lapis and wish to get a helping hand, there are multiple DLC packs that can give a little lift. The Damage x2 add-on will set you back £4.19, as will Experience x3. Slightly cheaper are both the No Skill Cost and Full Restore options for £3.29, whilst a purchase of the No Encounters add-on comes in at a mere £1.69. 

It is also out on PC via Windows. Our review will follow soon. 

Game Description:

A thousand years ago, a great battle ensued between two dragons, one gold and the other silver, where they were sealed away. Many centuries later, the Silver Dragon reawakens, and launches an assault on a frontier village. Lucas, a royal knight serving as a guard, little does he know he is, in fact, a descendant of the hero who once sealed the Gold and Silver Dragons in human form. Nonetheless, when the tragedy strikes, he soon sets out on an adventure to save the world! Make a return to the golden age of RPGs with 8-bit graphics and chiptunes. By unlocking growth plates, characters are able to strengthen parameters, learn skills, and increase job rank! Master multiple jobs and live an adventure full of challenges and dungeons to explore!

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