Purple Tree and Klabater want to take fans back to the glorious period of football when two-footed tackles were applauded, stadium atmospheres were buzzing and Sensible World of Soccer was the next big thing, with their upcoming game, ’90s Football Stars!

’90s Football Stars looks set to bring a retro-styled approach – so much so that the developers have incorporated the old VHS flickering – to the current-gen of consoles and PC, hoping to rekindle the fire that once burned brightly for cult classics like Sensible World of Soccer and International Superstar Soccer. Unlike Sensible World of Soccer, this game is going to be a 2.5D offering to the arcade football genre, and it’ll deliver a fast-paced, dynamic experience on medium sized pitches in 7vs7 matches, with the option to play online PvP. Don’t worry about the rules too much though as offside isn’t an offence and neither is slide tackling a player into oblivion. It’s no holds barred on that front.

‘We all love the ’90s. It is when we grew up and our love affair with football started in the ’90s. We used to play in the school yards and everybody wanted to be Maradona or Van Basten.’ commented Pablo Cerrutti, Studio Head in Purple Tree. ‚It was also a time of great, dynamic football games such as ‘International Superstar Soccer’ that really captured the spirit and beauty of real football. With ’90s Football Stars we want to bring back to football games pure fun. 

Main Features:

  • Fast and dynamic gameplay reminiscent of legendary ’90s football games
  • Retro art style with VHS filter designed to give that classic ’90s feel
  • All the teams qualified for the World Cup 2018 will be available and recreated in retro style with an additional 50+ teams to be added later on
  • Legendary players used as reference: original ’90s kits, haircuts and accessories. Give that hockey hair a second chance!
  • Humour – football managers and simulators are boring. Let’s bring back fun to football!
  • The original soundtrack bringing back the sound of the ’90s

’90s Football Stars is scheduled for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in Autumn 2018.

Have you lost your passion for the beautiful game due to the modern day releases? Could this bring back your passion for the football genre? Let us know by getting in touch via the comments or on social media!


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