Zombo Buster Rising Xbox

With its cartoon zombies and tower defence like appearance, Zombo Buster Rising could be a Plants vs. Zombies spin-off at first glance. However, there are no plants at all, making it a completely different game entirely. Yep, simply no similarities at all between these two games now. None at all. You can see just how little they have in common right now as Zombo Buster Rising is ready to download on Xbox and PlayStation.

To be fair to Zombo Buster Rising, it does look very similar to Plants vs. Zombies, but plays differently. Instead of cultivating fauna to repel the hordes of the undead, players shoot down at the zombies from a vantage point above. You will need to avoid shooting the survivors however and only concentrate on those with a taste for human flesh.

As you progress you will unlock additional gunners such as snipers and rocketeers to add to your arsenal. Make it all the way and take on the fearsome Zombogod!

Zombo Buster Rising features a skill trees to upgrade your weapons, special abilities to use in the heat of battle and a Survival mode for the true test. But, just as you are getting stronger, so will the hordes of undead. They may also find new ways of trying to breach your defences with different types of zombies that you will have to quickly adapt to.

Zombo Buster Rising is on the Xbox Store right now priced at £4.19. That’s a good price if you prefer to kill zombies with bullets instead of sunflowers and who knows, it may give you a couple of tips for the inevitable apocalypse we’re all facing. Let us know in the comments what you discover!

Game description

Shoot zombies from a terrace like a boss! Zombo Buster Rising brings you a nostalgic experience of classic 2D side shooting-defense in the enhanced build! Zombo Buster Rising includes challenging achievements, two AI-Assisted NPCs, three super abilities, various upgrades and Survival mode. Basically it’s the best pick for any fan of casual zombie shooters with only one goal — to slay these undead hordes!

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