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Forget the overhyped simulations offered by the WWE 2K series, for RetroSoft Studio have finally brought back the pick up and play arcade action of yesteryear. That’s right, after a minor setback, RetroMania Wrestling is here and is lacing up its boots to tussle in the territories of the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. So, are you ready for some old school antics within the squared circle?

Long time wrestling fans often hark back to the good old days in gaming, when gameplay delivered simple, but fun experiences. One of the titles often mentioned is WWF Wrestlefest from way back in 1991 and, as luck would have it, RetroMania Wrestling is the highly anticipated sequel. You can expect fast, arcade style wrestling that features beautiful 2D pixel art and a control setup that even the most casual of gamers should be able to get to grips with. 

Despite not possessing the licensing of the WWE, the roster still manages to shine as it consists of well known stars spanning multiple decades. Arguably the biggest draws are the Road Warriors Hawk and Animal – aka The Legion of Doom – but it’s pleasing to see the likes of Matt Cardona, Colt Cabana, the Blue World Order, and Warhorse making the cut. In total, there are 16 playable characters, with more to come via post-launch DLC for free. 

Regarding the game modes, there are two main offerings in the form of Story and Ten Pounds of Gold. The story mode is centred on Johnny Retro (better known as WWE’s John Morrison) recovering from injury and working his way back up from Stevie Richards Fitness. It’s full of interesting characters as well as presenting twists aplenty throughout. Ten Pounds of Gold is a different prospect altogether, with the aim being to defeat competitors one by one until you reach Nick Aldis, when you can take your shot at the Gold. Outside of those more in-depth modes though, you could partake in a Retro Rumble, fight inside a Steel Cage, compete in Tag Team matches, and more.

Whether you fancy stepping into the ring alone, or wish to battle with friends locally, RetroMania Wrestling provides the platform to do so. All you need to do is pay the required fee of £20.99 via the Xbox Store and then you can make your grand entrance. It is also expected to hit the PS Store and Nintendo eShop very soon too. Let us know if you pick it up and feel free to leave your thoughts about RetroMania Wrestling in the comments section below!

Game Description:

RetroMania Wrestling is a pick up and play arcade wrestling game with beautiful 2D sprites, incredible backgrounds and fast-paced arcade style game play. With 16 playable characters from legends up to today’s superstars, RetroMania has something for everyone. There are 4 distinct game modes including Story Mode and over 50 possible match variations! Do you have what it takes to step into the RetroMania Wrestling ring?

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