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It was at the back end of 2018 where we saw 505 Games launch Underworld Ascendant on to Steam, giving PC gamers the chance to head back to The Stygian Abyss and by confronted with all manner of danger. The promise of a console release was then made, with a 2019 release date in the works. Well, just after seeing the game launch on PS4 a few days back, it has now rolled round to the world of Xbox One, with Underworld Ascendant now becoming available.

Ready to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Underworld Ascendant sees us assuming the role of The Ascendant, and after being summoned to the Stygian Abyss by a mysterious figure – that of Cabirus – it is left to us to wander the depths and discover exactly what has happened to the inhabitants.

As you may expect though, it won’t be an easy run through and you’ll fast discover that Typhon is a threat to your world. Strangely – or not if you take the videogaming landscape as a whole – Typhon can only be stopped by the player as you gain favour with the descendants and share their knowledge and strength.

Underworld Ascendant promises plenty of player-authored gameplay, some fantasy inspired animations, and that most classic of dungeon exploration opportunities throughout, with a game that rewards a variety of playstyles and experimentation. In fact, it will only be by utilising a variety of items, skills and abilities will you be able to interact with the game in many different ways and ensure that success is found. When you consider that your skillset consists of more than 75 combat, stealth and magic options, and the gameplay as a whole provides more than 70 quests and numerous side bounties, it’s easy to see the depth the immersion that will be found within.

Underworld Ascendant Update Highlights Include:

  • Save Game System – OtherSide completely overhauled the Save Game system based on player feedback, enabling save across much of the game while also retaining the Silver Sapling’s respawn feature.
  • Player Journey – The world is now a series of interconnected levels, accessible through The Grand Staircase. Updated quest flow focuses now on important narrative quests highlighting both new and refined story and content, while allowing the player to freely explore the environment and optional side-quests. Players will also be able to reach the lower depths of the Abyss more quickly in the game’s overall progression.
  • New Content – A number of new NPCs offering various benefits to players are available, including the Shambler Meridian, the Deep Elf Severn, the Dwarf Quater, the Outcast Dahlia and the Outcast Fane. Quests have been added for each of the new NPCs noted above. Freeing the NPCs results in offering various benefits to players, including a new vendor that sells high level magic artifacts (weapons, armor), additional rune formulas and highlight hidden areas and lairs. Additionally, many new items, weapons and armor are available.
  • Skills and Abilities – Combat has been improved to be more engaging and strategic, with advanced combat skills now immediately available to the player and adding new elements like the enemy shove attack. Magic has been enhanced with new spells and more available runes, allowing players to explore more of the game’s customizable spells. Updates to stealth and enemy responsiveness in lighting have improved stealth playability.
  • Performance and AI – Player movement is more fluid and enemy AI has been updated to improve enemy behavior, offering a more polished reaction to player actions, pathfinding and combat effectiveness. Enemy AI now also ramps up in variety and difficulty as players venture deeper into The Stygian Abyss.

Wish to give Underworld Ascendant a try? You can grab it right now from the Xbox Store for Xbox One. Alternatively, you’ll also find it now available on PS4 and PC. Just remember though, with each decision comes great opportunity – and grave consequences!

Game Description:

You are summoned by a mysterious figure to The Stygian Abyss, a dangerous dungeon world imperiled by the beast Typhon. To save this world, and yours, you must find your way through the Abyss, uncover lost secrets and overcome many challenges. KEY FEATURES DEEPLY IMMERSIVE WORLD Explore a fully-realized dungeon realm, from the outpost of Marcaul to the depths of the Vault of Nyx. Interact with useful flora and fantastic creatures, while surviving dynamic enemies and a degrading world state. HERO OF YOUR OWN Tailor your skillset with over 75 combat, stealth and magic skills. Craft over a hundred different spells using the runic spell crafting system. LOOMING THREAT Set out on more than 70 quests and numerous Side Bounties that reward you for avoiding detection, going unarmed and more. UNIQUE REWARDS SYSTEM Earn rewards and unlock skills through resourceful, unboxed gameplay and ingenious performance. Solve challenges in unique ways and push yourself to experiment.

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