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The Hero Knight has arrived on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in the hopes of rewriting destiny and saving the realm in Horned Knight. In order to do so though, you must aid in handling the many challenges thrown your way in this 2D action-platformer, which pulls absolutely no punches whatsoever.

Horned Knight is the latest release from 2Awesome Studio, who you may remember for their other titles such as Batu Ta Batu and BFF or Die. It’s a rather difficult 2D action-platformer that’s looking to embody the Golden Age of gaming, with retro style pixel art and old school vibes aplenty. Taking on the role of Hero Knight, use your sword to rid the castle of ghouls and any undead beings lurking in the dark. In total there are 32 levels spread out across four worlds, each filled with spike traps, lava pools, cunning enemies, and more. 

The real key to success is being agile by using precise movements and avoiding any missteps, because otherwise your demise will come about swiftly. Fortunately, Horned Knight promises responsive controls that are easy to pick up, thus ensuring anyone can jump, air-dash and slash their way to glory. Mastering such techniques is another matter entirely, but that’s where the challenge lies.

Should you wish to don the mysterious Horned helmet in the hardcore realm of Horned Knight, it’s not too difficult to do so. Simply venture towards the Xbox Store and hand over the sum of £5.99 to earn the right – and if you’re quick enough, you can snap it up for £4.79 due to a two week discount. It’s also available on the PS Store, while it’ll launch via the Nintendo eShop on 26th February. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding Horned Knight by leaving a comment below.

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Game Description:

Horned Knight is a challenging 2D action-platformer where you must overcome all fears, enemies, and traps as the Hero Knight. Rewrite destiny, with your trusty sword, young Knight – the realm depends on it! Horned Knight reintroduces the Golden Age of arcade gaming in a hardcore, retro-styled 2D action platformer that pulls no punches. Play as the hero knight, and use your sword to rid the castle of ghouls and undead lurking in the dark. Fitted with multiple levels, responsive controls, and puzzle-like combat, Horned Knight emboldens the player to conquer unique pixel art obstacles with the support of generous checkpoints and an invigorating soundtrack. In Horned Knight, calculated movement and agility is key. One small misstep can lead to your demise through 32 pulse pounding levels, offering various challenges from fireball wielding skeletons to venomous snakes, spike traps, pools of lava, and much more! Accessible and responsive controls make it easy to jump, air-dash, and slash your way through an area. Master the jumping wall climb technique and timed slashes to ensure your hero saves the greater realm! Make sure to hold onto the knight’s heart pieces; his life depends on it! Overcome gigantic bosses and uncover secrets leading to unknown paths to find more heart pieces, so you can continue on your marvellous adventure. If your heart pieces deplete, it’s back to the last checkpoint for you to prove your worth, knight!


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