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Thought Rico Rodriguez of Just Cause fame was the only Rico worth worrying about? Well think again, because today sees the launch of RICO on to Xbox One, delivering arcade style tactical shooting to the masses. Just don’t expect a wingsuit or grapple-hook!

Available today on Xbox One, with the PS4 launch occurring a day earlier and a Nintendo Switch/PC release happening on the 14th March, RICO is the latest first-person shooter to allow us the chance to really crack down on crime.

Priced up at £15.99, RICO will see us kicking down doors and shooting our way to glory as the cop shooter from Rising Star Games and Ground Shatter drops us into the elite RICO taskforce. From here on out we’ll be left with 24 hours to solve a case, attempting to end organised crime and gifting the opportunity to shoot our way through a number of randomly generated stages.

Inspired by modern action cinema, RICO is an exciting affair in which gamers will be able to team up with a friend in their roles of a pair of loose-cannon police partners, supporting each other through intense urban shootouts across both online and local cooperative play. Expect to be moving through rooms, breaching doors, unlocking weapons and reacting to shootouts as and when they unfold, all with the ultimate goal of taking down some underworld crime bosses in the process.

But if the buddying up situation bores you, then you can also compete against each other, utilising a fixed loadout and hitting up the leaderboards of a Daily Play mode.

James Parker, Director at Ground Shatter says, “Games can change people’s lives, inform us about the human condition, and tell epic stories of love, life, and loss… RICO doesn’t do any of those things, it’s a game about kicking doors open and shooting bad guys, often in glorious slow motion.”

Features of RICO on Xbox One include:

  • Compete against the clock to solve a case in 24 hours
  • Online Co-op and Offline split-screen play
  • “Daily play” with online leaderboards
  • Randomly generated cases, operations, and environments
  • Unlockable weapons, traits, and equipment

Will you be giving RICO on Xbox One a shot? Head on over to the Xbox Games Store right now, get your download in and then take the fight to those dastardly crime bosses. Oh, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of it all – the comments section is down below.

Game Description:

Two cops, one case and only 24 hours to take them down… can you score the bust of a lifetime? Take the role of a loose cannon police detective and face off against criminal gangs in an exciting procedurally-generated action movie FPS. Join forces with a friend, online or locally, and take down those crooks in true buddy-cop style! As a part of the RICO task force, your mission is clear: get in, take down the criminals and get out again. Sounds easy, but it’s not – procedurally-generated cases mean you’ll never know who or what’s waiting for you. Pick your load-out, then use the element of surprise to get a tactical edge over the enemy. Unlock new weapons, mission types and traits, or dive into Daily Play and see how high you can climb the cop rankings! • Take down criminal gangs with extreme prejudice and solve the RICO case… you’ve only got 24 hours, detective! • Procedurally-generated cases mean no two games are ever the same – you’ll never know what’s waiting for you. • Crack cases with a friend, either online or locally, for co-op carnage. Two loose cannons are always better than one! • Daily Play cases – with leaderboards and rewards – keep you coming back for more, along with unlockable weapons, traits and mission types to discover.


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