trials rising crash and sunburn

Way back in February 2019 Ubisoft were kind enough to detail their full post-launch plans for Trials Rising. And after seeing the first expansion pack hit a few months back, we are now given the chance to head to the equator and take in some sun… and some crashes. Yep, Trials Rising Crash & Sunburn is here.

We’ve previously been able to cruise Route 66 with Trials Rising on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, but now we’re set to soak up a whole ton more sun with the launch of the Crash & Sunburn DLC. With the brilliant base game in hand, should you wish for more Trials action and fancy taking in a trip to the Southern Hemisphere then today is your lucky day.

See, it is Trials Rising Crash & Sunburn which provides a whole slew of new content opportunities with a couple of new fun bikes thrown in alongside an outfit – that of the Jungle Explorer, no less. That asking price of £9.59 will also see you given access to 3 brand new league types, plus more than 37 utterly nuts tracks, pushing you up and down mountains, through the most dense of jungles and more.

Those familiar with how Trials Rising runs will know that this DLC addition is also available as part of the Trials Rising Expansion Pass so if you have previously dropped some cash on that, you’re pretty much already good to go. If not, the usual digital stores will sort you out with the required download, with our favourite being that of the Xbox Store. It is there where you’ll find the required download of Crash & Sunburn.

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Will you be heading back into Trials Rising? Let us know exactly how many crashes you’ve had by posting in the comments below. Bet we can beat it!

DLC Description:

Trials® Rising Crash & Sunburn takes you below the Equator to see the wonders of the Southern Hemisphere! Enjoy 2 additional fun bikes, 1 Jungle Explorer Outfit, 3 new leagues and +37 exclusive crazy tracks where you will ride your way through mountains, jungles, and more!


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