The Road Rash games were classic of the ’90s, often being described as beat ‘em ups on two wheels. Sadly, after the release of Road Rash: Jailbreak, the series disappeared. Road Rage is here to pick up the pieces almost two decades later.

Road Rage is set in the fictional city of Ashen and players are the newest member of the local motorcycle group who attempt to rise through the ranks to become Club President.

The game features 42 main missions and 56 side missions in the open world of Ashen that range from delivery and escort missions to full-contact races and brawls. During these missions, players will need to modify their bike and choose their weapon from a wide range of options to keep rival biker gangs in check. Bikes can also be customised cosmetically to suit your personality.

Featuring the same brand of over the top motorcycle racing that fans of Road Rash will be familiar with, Road Rage will be hoping to bring a new generation of players into the fold. Available now for £19.99 the question isn’t whether you will buy this game or not, but simply what your weapon of choice is. Mine has and always will be the trusty steel chain!

Get yourself over to the Microsoft Store right now!

Game description:

Road Rage is an over-the-top motorcycle action game in which players race, battle and hustle their way up the ranks of an outlaw motorcycle gang. Joyride around an open-world city torn apart by underground crime, earning money and building a reputation for taking no prisoners in knock-down, drag-out, high-speed combat. Ride in style on a variety of customisable bikes, then push them to the limit in all-out gang warfare with an arsenal of hard-hitting weapons and slick manoeuvres through over 90 story-driven and side missions.

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