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Roam the strange world of Zenozoik with Clash: Artifacts of Chaos


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Releasing today on Xbox One and Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is an action-adventure game developed by the Chilean studio ACE Team and published by NACON. 

The game features a rich storyline where you play as Pseudo, a fighter who is given the responsibility of protecting a small creature called ‘The Boy’ against an enemy with untold power. Your mission? To go on a perilous quest to the edges of the strange alien lands of Zenozoik.

And strange lands they are. Zenozoik has been lovingly rendered in a never-seen before art direction that draws upon both surreal and punk-fantasy influences. As you explore the landscape you will discover fascinating characters and ancient secrets. 

Not everyone you meet will be friendly though – Clash: Artifacts if Chaos has plenty of combat. So, it’s a good job that Pseudo has been trained by a martial arts master and can fight them with devastating techniques. When you come across a baddie, you get to flight in third-person combat and alternate between different combat stances, use special moves and let our your rage by unlocking and performing impressive finishers.

If you think you’ve seen this style of fighting in a game before then think again because Clash: Artifacts of Chaos has something else up its sleeve – the ability to change things up using Ritual, the traditional game of dice of Zenozoik. In this unique mechanic, each participant possesses artifacts with distinct properties that determine the rules of the fight and allows you to define the handicaps or advantages each combatant has. Things are much easier when your enemy is plagued by a swarm of bees, lost in a sea of fog or has to fight in shackles.

Key features inlcude:

  • EXPLORE ZENOZOIK – Drawing upon both surreal and punk fantasy influences, the world and civilisations of Zenozoik are brimming with fascinating characters, creatures and landscapes. Roam this intriguing land and discover its paths, inhabitants and ancient secrets.
  • CRUSH YOUR OPPONENTS – Your fists and speed are your greatest weapons. Attack, dodge, stun, block, counter a parry to land a special attack, switch to first-person view to perform unique techniques: each time, it’s up to you to seize the occasion to achieve victory and avoid mistakes that could quickly prove fatal.
  • CUSTOMISE YOUR COMBAT STYLE – Learn various martial arts during your adventure and alternate freely between them based on the situation, types of enemies and your preference. Victories will enable you to improve your characteristics and upgrade your attacks, so you can develop your own unique style.
  • RISE TO THE CHALLENGE OF THE RITUAL – Before fighting, you can challenge your opponent to a game of dice, with the winner defining the rules of the encounter – often to their advantage. Summoning a monster as an ally, covering the area in fog, having shackles limit movement… far from determining the outcome of the combat, the Ritual represents an opportunity to exploit if you win it or a challenge to cleverly overcome if you lose.
  • A RICH STORYLINE – Your search for the Great Artifacts that will help you defeat Gemini will take you farther than you ever imagined. While taking on the mercenaries pursuing you and developing your friendship with the Boy, you must confront your past and delve into the sources of the chaotic society of Zenozoik.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos comes in two editions, both available from the Xbox Store.  Standard Edition (£34.99) and the Zeno Edition (£44.99), which showers you with extras: Supporter Pack DLC including: 2 Zeno Clash armors for Pseudo, 3 headgears for the Boy and 1 exclusive artifact, a digital Artbook and the original Soundtrack. If you want a little bit of customisation without the extra coinage of the Zeno edition, then also up for grabs is the Lone Fighter Pack (£2.99), which allows you to change up your look and intimidate your opponents with two exclusive body paints. You should be able to find all this on the relevant store for PlayStation and PC (Steam is your friend) too. 

If you want to find out what type of person could come up with the weird and wild world of Zenozoik and get a peep inside the development of Clash: Artifacts of Chaos then take a look at our interview with the lead game designer, Carlos Bordeu. Our full review of the game will be coming soon.

DLC Description

You play as Pseudo, a master of martial arts who lives as a recluse in the strange land of Zenozoik. When you cross paths with the Boy, a small creature whose mysterious powers have attracted the attention of Gemini, the Mistress of the Artifacts, you decide to protect him, unaware that much greater forces are involved.

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