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We’ve spent time in the good ol’ US of A, we’ve embraced the French culture and we’ve celebrated Oktoberfest. Now though it’s time for Truck Driver players to roar with pride as the UK Paint Jobs DLC rolls out. 

Available to purchase and download into your Truck Driver game right this minute is the latest Paint Jobs DLC pack – and this one is focused firmly on the pride of the UK, with numerous new liveries and paint schemes available for all the trucks in the game. 

Running a price of just £2.49 the Truck Driver – UK Paint Jobs DLC is the fourth new livery pack to have hit Truck Driver, following on from the USA, France and Germany options, with players this time around allowed to cover all things that are great about the UK, with 6 new images. 

As you would expect, the Union Flag is present, as our some lions (three maybe!). But also present is the London skyline dominated by Big Ben, Tower Bridge and even the chance to enjoy a bit of countryside with Stonehenge. 

In all, if you’re in the UK or just love a bit of UK culture, and fancy dropping some new fancy colours onto your Truck Driver trucks, this is the pack for you. That low price point makes it even more tempting. 

In order to pick it up, just head to your local digital store – the Xbox Store is here for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players – and add it into your game. Note: you’ll need the base Truck Driver experience in order to enjoy these scenes. Truck Driver itself is also available on PlayStation and Switch.

DLC Description:

“Fancy a British lorry?” With six different paint jobs, you can customize your truck with classic British designs. Create a truck that perfectly reflects your love for the United Kingdom with paint jobs of typical British symbols.

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