The end of the week is here and the usual Rock Band 4 downloadable content additions have arrived. But what goodies are in store for rockers this week? Well, how do tracks from the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and Stone Sour sound?

Available right now is the Rock The Charts 01 song pack for Rock Band 4 players to enjoy. Priced at £4.39, this bundle brings together three tunes that are sure to appeal to the masses…

  • Run – Foo Fighters
  • The Way You Used To Do – Queens of the Stone Age
  • Song #3 – Stone Sour

Should you wish to get the band back together in order to rock out, then the Microsoft Store or Playstation equivalent will be able to sort out the Xbox One and PS4 rockers out there. Each track is available to purchase individually too and you’ll find that the £1.59 price tag of each is pretty damn tempting.

So, will you be grabbing the guitar and checking out some of the best songs from the brilliant Stone Sour, the stunning Queens of the Stone Age or the amazing Foo Fighters? Let us know in the comments below, via the usual social media channels or by posting over on our forums.

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