It seems as though Psyonix never sleep as Rocket League gets yet another big update…and this one drops a new underwater arena, new vehicle designs and a couple of brand new premium DLC cars.

Aquadome will be arriving today as a free update to the awesome Rocket League. The main new feature is that of a new underwater arena to do battle in, whilst both the Hotshot and Road Hog have received redesigns to boot. You’ll find Aquadome also comes complete with new customisation items, seven new cheevos to earn (you certainly shouldn’t be missing out on the chance to gather more Gamerscore) and further in-game enhancements and adjustments.

Alongside Aquadome come two new premium DLC Battle-Cars – Proteus and Triton. Available for $1.99 each, you’ll also find a new “Champions Series III” Crate, which can be opened with Keys. If you like that kind of thing, then you may as well pick them up.

If you haven’t yet played Rocket League, you really don’t know what you’re missing. It’s nothing short of awesome – as our review states.

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