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It’s not very often we get excited about a $2 piece of downloadable content but strange things happen when you combine Batman and Rocket League!

Available right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC is the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack and it’s comes bearing gifts. Not only will you be able to race around the Rocket League field in the official Batmobile Battle-Car, but three exclusive antenna flags covering the trio of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are surely the best way to prove your allegiance.

£1.59/$1.99 is a bargain!

You can find our full review of Rocket League right here.

DLC Description:

Black and blue, god vs man, day vs night! Unleash your own one-car reign of terror with the official Batmobile Battle-Car from the upcoming blockbuster mega-film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! Three exclusive Antenna flags to pledge your allegiance to the World’s Finest trio of Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. 

Head on over to the Xbox One Games Store pronto.

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