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Rocket League bursts back into action with the release of the Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC Vehicle Pack!


Over the last few years, countless gamers have sunk countless hours into the car-football phenomenon that is Rocket League. It really has taken the casual and professional gaming scene by storm, and whether you wish to battle with friends now and again or really get stuck into competitive play, rare items and unbelievable goals, Rocket League will cater for all.

And now to add to the ever-expanding roster of vehicles are three new Hot Wheels cars for you to purchase and play with! The Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC pack is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Hot Wheels brand with three new cars to join the battle with. With a sleek street racing theme running throughout, the Gazella GT (known as one of the most iconic toy car collectibles out there), the buggy-esque Fast 4WD and the MR11 (designed by German footballer Marco Reus) are the main attractions and make up the bulk of the DLC. As well as these three beasts of the Hot Wheels collection, the Triple Threat Pack will also come with new toppers, themed decals and wheels to pimp each vehicle to the max.

Keep in mind too that all players, regardless of having the DLC or not, will gain access to the new Hot Wheels Rivals arena and added customisable items to unlock and equip.

If you are an avid Rocket League player and want to fill your virtual garage to the brim with all the newest vehicles and customisibles, then the Rocket League – Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC pack is waiting for all Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch players right now. It’ll only set you back £4.79 too!

DLC Description:

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels® with three sleek and powerful street machines: Gazella GT™, MR11, and FAST 4WD! Also included: themed Decals, Wheels for each vehicle, and fierce Hot Wheels creature Toppers

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