The phenomenon that is Rocket League has barely shown signs of waning since its debut on console and PC. Since then, Psyonix have managed to secure partnerships for licensing customisation items and vehicles from other popular mediums, capitalising on the recent Ricky & Morty fad with items randomly dropping for players and having the infamous DeLorean available for purchase. Now though, the developers have successfully sought licensing for a large haul of DC universe themed offerings from Warner Bros. and the DC Super Heroes DLC Pack has arrived at a relatively cheap price. Is that because it’s a load of tat, or is it in fact a bargain for comic book enthusiasts wanting to show off their allegiances?

It’s best to start with the premium Battle-Cars, as they’re potentially the main reason you’d contemplate laying out the cash. Both of them represent Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego Batman, albeit from two completely different eras; the Tumbler from The Dark Knight Rises film and the regular Batmobile seen in the 1989 Batman film.

The Batmobile is truly iconic, looking the part, and its sleek nature makes it feel as if you’re the fastest car in the arena – even though we all know that’s not the case. Considering there’s already a similar vehicle to that on the market, the real draw is the beast-like Tumbler, as the engine gives out a fantastic roar whilst you soar around. The Tumbler has a standard and a camo skin to choose from and it is a bit bigger than most cars, but don’t worry, it’s not like using the Merc or the Scarab so it doesn’t take too long to get used to it.

Aside from the vehicles, there are the Decals and Player Banners, with one for each of the eight Super Heroes featured – Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman – as well as a DC Player Banner. The Decals are rather bland, with most of them just consisting of the associated logo for each hero plastered onto the car; although the colours surrounding them can be customised to form some decent looking designs. What frustrates me is that they aren’t universal Decals, meaning certain Battle-Cars have to be used for showcasing different heroes. Swapping vehicles all the time is just an unnecessary pain.

Fortunately, the Player Banners look super cool, especially the Flash and Wonder Woman versions, which go great alongside the awesome new wheels provided for each of those two. My favourite item addition brought about by the DC Super Heroes DLC Pack has to be the Speed Force Boost, as it rounds off a Flash themed setup perfectly, but also fits in well generally.

You know what the biggest omission is from the Battle-Cars – and the pack in general – though? The inclusion of DC themed goal explosions to add extra excitement to the art of scoring goals. Given how the default choices are limited, any new ones would’ve been massively welcome. Even if the existing Batmobile one was re-used for both vehicles, it’s better than nothing.

Whether or not you should invest money in the DC Super Heroes DLC Pack depends on which heroes you want to showcase. If you’re an Aquaman, Cyborg or Green Arrow fan then you’ll be utterly disappointed, whilst those who adore Batman, Flash, or Wonder Woman will be in for a real treat. The Battle-Cars give off a vibe that you’re someone to be feared in Rocket League and being at the helm of one can only boost your confidence, proving they’re worth forking out a little bit of money for.

Could the pack be better? Sure, but for £3.19, there’s plenty for gamers who are fans of all things DC Comics related.

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