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It’s been 25 years since the alternative scene first heard of P.O.D. with the release of their debut LP ‘Snuff the Punk’. Whilst the initial years were slow burners, the arrival of the band’s third and fourth albums – The Fundamental Elements of Southtown and Satellite – with the latter containing the brilliant ‘Alive’ within, shot them to stardom. And it is quite possibly for that reason we get to see P.O.D. deliver a Song Pack onto Rocksmith.

The P.O.D. Song Pack for Rocksmith brings together three of the bands most well loved tunes, with the previously mentioned Alive joined by two further crackers. Priced up at the usual triple pack cost of £6.39, the Rocksmith P.O.D. Song Pack contains the following:

  • Alive
  • Youth of the Nation
  • Boom

Of course, should you not feel that you are able to fully embrace the Christian nu-metal alternative goodness that P.O.D. serve up, and would prefer to stick to just the one tune, then purchasing each track individually is a more than viable option. £2.39 is all it will take for you to get access to any of the tracks above.

As always, if you are interested then the Xbox Store will sort out the Xbox One and Xbox 360 rockers, whilst the PlayStation Store will happily provide the necessary goods to PS3 and PS4 guitar wannabees. It need not matter whether you are banging out the tunes on the older Rocksmith 2014 Edition, or with the upgraded love found in the later Rocksmith Remastered, either. This content, along with all that came before it – and believe me, there are a ton of great tunes included – is present and correct no matter how you go about learning guitar.

Should you wish to know more about Rocksmith or are intrigued as to how they can claim this to be the ‘fastest way to learn guitar’, then make sure you hit up our full review.

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