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It may be ‘Dry January’, but that’s not going to stop the Rocksmith gods from tempting us back onto the alcohol, just a week or so after the biggest party of the year. However, should you manage to remain sober throughout January you will at least be witness to the addition of some cracking new tunes into the Rocksmith content library. And today the first DLC pack of the year drops, focusing full efforts on the country king, Chris Stapleton. 

Created to ensure that budding guitar masters have something else to keep themselves occupied, the Rocksmith Chris Stapleton Song Pack delivers three new tunes to the masses, letting them learn, play, and master some top quality country licks. Running with a price point of £6.69, this Chris Stapleton Song Pack contains the following…

  • Tennessee Whiskey
  • Nobody to Blame
  • Parachute

For us it’s got to be the draw of the drink that makes this pack hugely enticing, with Tennessee Whiskey the one tune we’d be picking up should cash be an issue. You see, thankfully – and like most weeks – the new songs being added to Rocksmith this week can also be picked up on an individual basis, with a £2.49 price attached to each. 

However you decide to involve yourself with these country tunes matters little though – as long as you have a copy of Rocksmith 2014 Edition or Rocksmith Remastered to hand, you’re good to go. From there on out paying a visit to the Xbox Store, or PlayStation Store should that be your poison, will see full access given to not just this Chris Stapleton Song Pack, but the huge range of musical melodies that have hit home over the course of the years. Even if the country vibe doesn’t suit your playing style, we’re sure there’s something else that will be tempting. 

Let us know what you think of this latest Rocksmith pack. Do you want something a bit more hardcore? Do you need some death metal? The comments section is down below. 

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