It was great while it lasted but now summer 2018 is officially over. But even though the sun may not shine quite so bright, and the days are rapidly getting shorter, the additions to the Rocksmith library continue to flow. And this time round, with the addition of the fifth 90s Mix Pack, we see the fading summer days warmly embraced.

See, headlining the latest content pack for Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Rocksmith Remastered is the one and only Joe Satriani, bringing along Summer Song for good measure. Priced up at an individual price of £2.39, we see that accompanied by the following:

  • Joe Satriani – Summer Sun
  • Type O Negative – Christian Woman
  • Helmet – Unsung

Should you like the look of all three of those tunes, and you fancy kicking back with a guitar in hand as you look to jam away to some new songs, then the entire 90s Mix Pack is also available for £6.39.

To get involved you’ll obviously need a copy of Rocksmith to hand, but then once that is in place will find that the Xbox Store sorted out the Xbox One and Xbox 360 grinders, whilst those strumming on PS3 and PS4 will need to visit the PlayStation Store.

Let us know if these take your fancy by dropping in to the comments below.

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