It’s probably already the favourite game of many a rocker out there, but today as a 3-track song pack arrives from the Cardigans, it just begins to cement Rocksmith’s place at the top of the music tree. You won’t want to erase or rewind this DLC pack!

Available right now for all Rocksmith players jamming away on either Rocksmith 2014 Edition of Rocksmith Remastered is the latest downloadable content pack, with it introducing The Cardigans to the library. For just £2.39 each, you can purchase and download any of the following cracking tunes…

  • My Favourite Game
  • Lovefool
  • Erase/Rewind

As always, a full song pack is also available and should you be a massive fan of The Cardigans, or just want to try and master every single tune that arrives on the Rocksmith library, then The Cardigans Song Pack for £6.39 should be something to seriously consider. Hell, with the quality of the tunes included, we don’t even think you need to be a fan of the band – this is one pack that should really reach out to many music lovers in general.

If you don’t know much about Rocksmith, then you could do a lot worse than check out our full review of the game on Xbox. It promises to be the fastest way to learn guitar and by our reckoning, that is exactly what it is.

If you’re strumming away on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, then the Microsoft Store will sort you out with a download of The Cardigans greatest hits, whilst those on PS3 and PS4 should visit their own store.

Don’t forget to let us know if you’ll be grabbing the content by posting in the comments below.


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