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Eighteen months of Steam Early Access should have served Cellar Door Games and Rogue Legacy 2 well. It’s now time to find out whether that period of development has worked as the game drops the Early Access tag to release in full on PC and Xbox. 

It was back in 2015 when players got the chance to play the endearingly nostalgic original Rogue Legacy on Xbox. Now, some seven years later it’s the turn of Rogue Legacy 2 to hit the limelight, as Cellar Door Games go about building on their plans in order to deliver a new take on the genealogical roguelite system. 

Available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, Rogue Legacy 2 should be a game that takes and improves on everything that was previously available in the original game. That means new art style, new weapons, additional abilities and classes and a whole new biome generation that should allow the player to deal with a greater depth of strategy and scope. 

This is a game that has been some four years in the making and with Version 1.0, Cellar Door Games will be looking to provide a ton of interest and intrigue…

Rogue Legacy 2 is more than just a sequel to our studio, it’s the culmination of all that we’ve learned over the last nine years since the release of the original. ​ We’ve put everything we have into it, and knowing that fans both new and old alike will be experiencing it for the first time is incredibly humbling. ​ We hope it brings the same sense of joy and discovery the original gave so many years ago – Cellar Door Games

We’re currently running a full review of Rogue Legacy 2 on Xbox so keep an eye out for our thoughts very soon. With the promise of a greater value to the risk / reward style of gameplay and a host of extras added in to make the accessibility easier, this is one that many have been waiting for. 

Head over to the Xbox Store to pick it up on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You’ll find it on PC too, either on Steam or Epic for roughly £20.99.

If you need a trailer, the release date announcement should have you covered. And if that doesn’t, the launch trailer will.

Game Description:

Rogue Legacy is back! But now it’s got a 2 on the end of it! Rogue Legacy 2 is a genealogical rogue-LITE. That means it has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like (randomized runs, changing characters, and more), but with persistent upgrades, and persistent dead heirs. In this game, your legacy defines you. Spend your parents’ inheritance and grow the family manor to give your children a better fighting chance. Each child is unique, with their own traits and abilities. Your daughter could be a Ranger. She could also be vegan. It’s a new experience every time. Rogue Legacy 2 also lets you play how you want to. Go hard and fast, and dive deeper into the depths of a randomly-generated world. Or take it slow and steady and build your character up until you’re ready for greater challenges.

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