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It’s generally agreed that any good party game should come with one overruling focus – chaos. Thankfully Fuzzball on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch seems to have that in spades. 

Available to purchase and download this very minute on the three major console platforms, Fuzzball from Shadow Lair Games works as a party title that should cater for anything between one and four player, as you attempt to push your friends from a small play field. 

You do this by taking charge of some cute plush dolls, rolling them around a number of arenas and bashing your opponents as far away from success as possible. It’s a simple premise, but one that should never become tiresome as Fuzzball caters for dynamic game stages and a variety of game modes to keep things fresh. 

There are six types of Fuzzball at hand – all highly adorable – whilst those arena types stretch to a similar number. In terms of actual game modes and you’ll find the standard Versus Mode complements by a Chaos Mode and that of Flexiball; a mode that deals with a bit of cooperative action. How these all play out will be detailed fully in our upcoming review of Fuzzball on Xbox One. Keep an eye out for it if you wish to know more but simply put…

  • – In Vs Mode, you will need to knock out all your enemies and be the last player to remain to be crowned as the ultimate victor.
  • – In Party Mode, you will compete with your friends to complete various missions to earn points. Will you play the objective, or will you get in everyone’s way?
  • – In Flexiball, players will have to work together to perform rule-, and mind-bending actions and complete as many tasks as possible within the time limit.

Should you be prepared to take a hit with the wallet and reckon this is a title that could find a place on your party playlist then pop over to the digital store of your choosing and grab a download. You’ll find it on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch – with our favourite being that of the Xbox Store where it’ll cost you £15.49.

The comments section is down below too. Let us know what you think of Fuzzball. 

Game Description:

Roll, dash, bash and smash in this playful 4 player brawler! Play as one of 6 FuzzBalls, these small animal plush toys roll into balls of fluff to move around and knock their enemies off a selection of 7 unique stages.

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