snowrunner season 6 haul and hustle

We love SnowRunner. In fact, whilst we fully understand that the slow, rather intricate nature of the beast won’t be appealing to everyone, for those who are looking to immerse themselves in an off-road world, we’re not sure there’s anything better. Today though we get the chance to Haul & Hustle like never before, as SnowRunner’s Season 6 content rolls out. 

Available today for Xbox, PlayStation and PC players to enjoy, Season 6: Haul & Hustle is the latest offering from the Saber Interactive, Focus Entertainment and SnowRunner teams to help fill out the game even more. Honestly, the base game itself launched with a ton of content included, but now, with many seasons of additions behind it, the opportunities are near endless. 

Season 6 takes us to Maine, USA, as we get the chance to enjoy a couple of new maps, two new vehicles and a ton more cosmetics. But there’s also crossplay to enjoy (PC – PS4 for now, but expect this to roll to Xbox soon too), whilst that fast-becoming-a-staple feature of Photo Mode also arrives. 

Available to Year 2 Pass owners or as a £5.99 Season purchase, Season 6 will whisk us off to Maine as we attempt to establish a forestry base in the locale. This is going to be a tough ask though as even the most basic of garage functions is missing here and so you’ll need to traverse the new sandbox maps in order to hunt down the required gear. 

Snow and mud will get in your way – this ain’t SnowRunner for nothing, you know – but a couple of new vehicles will at least help you make moves. These come in the form of the 8×8 forestry specialist Aramastu Forwarder, and the strong, solid Tayga 6455B, an off-road 6-wheeler.

That’s the majority of what Season 6 brings, but expect some cosmetics thrown in too. And further to that, those cosmetics will be free to all players, whether you’ve purchased Season 6 or the Year 2 pass or not. 

It goes without saying you’ll need a copy of the SnowRunner base game to hand in order for all this to happen.

You’ll find that at the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s on PC and PlayStation too. 

DLC Description:

The Season 6: Haul & Hustle DLC is included in the Year 2 Pass. Requires the base game SnowRunner to run. Explore wild new territories in SnowRunner’s Season 6: Haul & Hustle. Conquer two huge maps with two tough new vehicles as you establish a forestry base deep in the cold wilderness of Maine, USA.

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