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Crusader Kings III is not a new game; in fact, it’s been sitting on Steam, gathering up ‘Very Positive’ PC reviews since September 2020. But now it’s time for the king to expand his kingdom, building up to reign supreme on Xbox and PlayStation – and it’s being done with Game Pass support in hand. 

Available to download and play on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 from today, Crusader Kings III finally breaks out of the PC shackles to emerge in all new lands. With Game Pass support right behind it, allowing Xbox Series X|S players to lead the charge for free, it’s with great excitement that we see the Paradox team take their historical strategy affair to new levels. 

Crusader Kings III comes to console with an adapted UI and control scheme, something which is going to be pretty essential in seeing the PC acclaim work wonders on console. It’ll let players navigate with ease, utilising bumpers, triggers and thumbstick flicks to ensure that motion and movement of the console port is done with ease. 

It also makes the most of the next-gen console power with super-fast load times and a seamless gameplay experience right at the fore of what is going on. Quick Resume is in the house too for us Xbox Series X|S players – although whether that is something you like, or get frustrated by, will be seen on a personal level. 

Wherever you play Crusader Kings III, you can be sure that this will be a super deep gaming experience. It tasks you with taking on the leadership of a noble family as it looks to increase its power across the lands. Working the battlefield will therefore be essential, as will uncovering secrets and becoming fully immersed in the world as a whole. 

But it’s family which is the main thrust of Crusader Kings III – die (and you will) and you’ll need to ensure that you have a family member in place to take on your role. Fail and the family name will die with you. 

We’ve been hands-on with Crusader Kings III for a little while already and it’s well worth checking out our early thoughts as to how this one plays on console. Our full review of Crusader Kings III on Xbox Series X|S is coming soon too. 

Should you be sold, then you’ll find Crusader Kings III on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 today. Focusing firmly on the Xbox edition, you’ll discover multiple ways of getting in on the action. It’s Xbox Game Pass Day One goodness that will no doubt be of most interest, and that’s certainly the way we’d advise you take attempt to rule the lands, but similarly there’s the Royal Edition for £62.49 which adds in an Expansion pass too. If you just want instant access but are happy to pay, the Standard Edition will be available for £41.74

Crusader Kings III is just the latest of a whole plethora of new games to hit the service over the last month. With March 2022 fast coming to a close though, there’s just the one further addition for the month, Weird West (Cloud, Console, PC) on the 31st March. That same day sees a few games leave the service too – Madden NFL 20, Narita Boy and Shadow Warrior 2. 

DLC Description:

Finally on console, you can live the life of a medieval ruler in Paradox Development Studio’s award winning strategy role-playing game, Crusader Kings III! Assume the leadership of a medieval noble family, increasing its power and reputation through the generations. As one ruler dies, they are replaced by an heir who may have very different abilities or interests, forcing you to adjust your long term plans. Play a master of the battlefield, conquering your enemies, or play a subtle seeker of secrets, using plots and poison to advance your agenda – all in the same game. Arrange marriages, champion the faith and establish new empires in this modern classic – unlike any other strategy game you’ve ever played on console.

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