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Both in the real and virtual worlds, the football scene has dominated the sports markets. With EA pushing out FIFA every year and Konami rolling around with PES, those who like to play out the beautiful game have many options available. But what if you prefer a game that ditches the round ball for an oval one? What if rugby is your sport of choice? Well, virtually there is little to really provide access to the joy of a scrum, or the elation felt when you knock out a try. Can the release of Rugby Challenge 4 change that?

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch right now, Rugby Challenge 4 promises to deliver the best rugby experience yet. Following on from the release of Rugby Challenge 3 back in 2016, it could be said that the team behind this latest rugby challenge have had plenty of time to get things right. Which makes it all the more strange to see it arrive in early access form. Kinda.

Priced at a staggering £52.99, Rugby Challenge 4 is far from cheap, and it is far from the finished article too. Whilst not ‘officially’ utilising the likes of Xbox Game Preview, the devs are keen to stress that this launch of Rugby Challenge 4 is just the start of matters, with multiple features and ideas due to be added further down the line. Why on earth they haven’t left it to include all these things from the get go, I don’t know, but this whole ‘let’s throw it out now, get the money in and then fix it later’ approach is one that isn’t particularly welcome.

So what do you get for your money? Well, Rugby Challenge 4 on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch promises to deliver the optimum rugby experience, with different move sets, the inclusion of Women’s Sevens Rugby and the chance to make your ultimate rugby player through the use of both a kit and player creator. You’ll also be able to work with the AI to dictate formations and positionings, whilst new side-line cams and drop goal viewpoints promise a more realistic broadcast experience. 

There is also some good old commentary provided by sports broadcasting legends like Grant Nisbett and Justin Marshall , with French commentary by Eric Bayle and Thomas Lombard, more than 12 prestigious competitions to enjoy such as Premiership Rugby, Super Rugby, Men’s 7’s and the Currie Cup, whilst all of a single player match, multi-team tournaments, extensive Career Mode and a Be A Pro mode are also in place. 

But, equally as promised is the inclusion of online play further down the line (seriously, this should be in the from the start), a PC version, a full retail release for this console version, and further enhancements that will be made to the career and gameplay. 

If you wish to give Rugby Challenge 4 a go and fancy picking it up on Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch, then the usual digital stores will let you fill your boots. Just remember though, you’ll be expected to pay out more than £50 for a product that ‘isn’t finished’. But hey, who are we to tell you what to do with your money.

Game Description:

Rugby Challenge 4 is an “Early Access” release which means more features will be added after launch. For the current status on what is included and on the way, visit READY FOR THE CROSS-KICK? NEW! Catch your rivals off guard using set plays with 10 different moves, including cross-kick! NEW! Women’s Sevens Rugby with 16 international teams, including 5 licensed teams. NEW! Make the ultimate rugby player with both the kit creator and the enhanced player creator! NEW! AI formations and improved positioning of players making the game more realistic and challenging for those experienced rugby heads. NEW! Side-line camera angle and drop goal camera allowing for closer simulation to a real broadcast view. CROSS-PLATFORM FANHUB Share, download and rate players and teams using our famous Fanhub across all platforms! ALL-STAR COMMENTARY Real sports broadcasting commentary with Grant Nisbett and Justin Marshall. French commentary by Eric Bayle and Thomas Lombard. THE DEFINITIVE RUGBY EXPERIENCE Multiple Game Modes including: Single Match, Multi-team Competition, extensive multi-year Career Mode and Be a Pro Mode OVER 12 PRESTIGIOUS COMPETITIONS Including the all new Womens 7’s Rugby, Premiership Rugby, Super Rugby, Mens 7’s Rugby, and Currie Cup – or even create your own!

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