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Should you be looking for a new place to call home, then the world of Outbuddies DX looks to provide it. And right now you’ll get to explore the wonderful new landscape on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Previously available on PC, Outbuddies DX comes to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (with a PS4 launch due later this year) via the creative mind of one sole developer, Julian Laufer, with the might of Headup Games helping push it out to the masses. Priced at £14.99, Outbuddies DX will let you run, explore and blast your way through a Lovecraftian adventure that is held together by a Metroidvania styled undercity.

Moving ahead with a trusty robot sidekick to hand, your journey through this new world promises to be a packed one, as you battle deadly enemies and work your way past numerous environmental hazards in the hope that you can stay safe.

Set deep in the Ocean you must dash, dodge, and blast through Bahlam, a danger-filled sunken fortress of the Old Gods, taking in the non-linear gear-based progression system and utilising your own unique Buddy unit to manipulate and scout the surroundings through hacking, scanning and telekinesis. And by doing so you’ll discover an ancient weapon systems and gear upgrades that will enable you to battle through a gigantic sunken labyrinth.

With a local co-op mode in place which allows a second player to control Buddy with an expanded tool set, a whole host of unforgiving bosses to take down, and an atmospheric soundtrack that is has been written as an ode to the 16-bit Megadrive/Genesis era, there should be much to love about this latest Metroidvania affair. And when you throw in the opportunity to take in a bit of spedrunning too, well… what’s not to like?

Features include:
• 2D Side-scrolling ‘Metroid-like’ adventure
• Explore an open Lovecraftian fantasy labyrinth with five huge distinct areas
• Evolve characters with a non-linear gear-based progression system
• Sandbox-like freedom to develop speed-techs
• Unique drone ‘Buddy’ unit with local co-op option
• Epic and creative boss battles that stand out within the genres
• Original soundtrack by OGRE
• Optimized performance for smooth gameplay with 60 FPS throughout
• MS-DOS style pixel art with distortion-free adoptive scaling

Reckon this is an adventure that is worth taking in? The Xbox Store will sort you out with your usual Xbox One download, whilst those preferring to play on Nintendo Switch should head straight to the Nintendo eShop.

Let us know in the comments if you do pick it up, and keep a beady little eye open for our full review in the days ahead.

Game Description:

Run, gun and explore an open undercity in this otherworldly non-linear Metroidvania adventure about the Old Gods, strange creatures and the remnants of a lost world!

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