rusty spout rescue adventure xbox one

We know what you’re thinking… Puzzle Bobble is back! Well hang on just a moment as, despite the resemblance, the new arcade puzzler on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch is actually Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure from developer 7 Raven Studios. 

Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure is one of those classic arcade style puzzlers, where you’ll fire coloured balls in the hopes of making matches and clearing the screen. Mainly taking on the role of Rusty Spout, a lonely but honest pirate who sails around the world looking for new adventures, you must navigate through five lovely worlds – each of which contains ten levels and a tough boss fight. The reason behind this latest adventure is that Cocco, an evil pirate, has kidnapped all the children from Rusty’s village and so Rusty attempts to free them all.

It features seven playable anime-like characters to choose from as you tackle the different challenges found within the four different game modes on offer, including Endless Mode and Battle Mode. And if you suffer from colour blindness, fear not, because there’s a colour blind option in place to ensure your progression won’t be hindered by that affliction.

If Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure seems like a fun puzzler that’s deserving of your time and money, set sail for the Xbox Store where you can purchase it for a mere £5.79. It’s also available on the PS Store and the Nintendo eShop, so you’re sorted no matter which console you prefer!

Game Description:

Rusty Spout is a lonely but honest pirate, he sails around with his ship looking for new adventures and always helps people in need. Cocco the evil pirate has kidnapped all the children from Rusty’s village. Now, he needs you to help him defeat the Cocco and his monsters. Navigate with Rusty Spout through five different and beautiful worlds each one with 10 amazing levels. Beat Cocco’s monsters at the end of each world in a epic boss battle. Free all the children to unlock special characters and you can use them in Endless mode and Battle mode.

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