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Every now and then something a bit different pops up on to the console market and we have to admit that S.I.D. really is ‘different’. So different in fact that you may not believe it until you see it!

Running right now through Kickstarter, S.I.D., a System Integrated Dock, promises to be the must have addition to your Xbox One or PS4 console.

Coming from the guys at Beyond Gaming Industries, the S.I.D. is a peice of kit that attaches to your console and turns it in a sci-fi style robotic armoured tank.

But that’s not all. With a built in cooling fan, rock-solid protective armour, interchangeable parts, under glow LED and light-up panel, custom articulation and extensive USB charging docks, the S.I.D. promises to protect your Xbox One or PS4 console like never before….whilst giving it the wow factor at the same time.

Featurs include:

• Built in cooling fan

• Under glow LED

• USB charging

• Light up panel

• Protective armour

• Interchangeable parts

• Custom articulation

• Nameplate – future option: personalised gamer tag

The S.I.D. will be released this December and you can back it right now via the Kickstarter campaign.

So, are you interested in something a little different?

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