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The move to the next-generation of gaming with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S may well have taken place, but that doesn’t mean the old guard don’t deserve a bit of the limelight. Charging over the hill for possibly one last hurrah is the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for December 2020, and once more we see four new games gearing up to be stripped of their price tags. And even though the power of Games With Gold has been diluted somewhat by the next-gen and the brilliant Xbox Game Pass, it’s still one to keep an eye on – especially when the games being given away for free are so intriguing.

Following on from November being a month which has seen Xbox gamers given free access to Swimsanity, Full Spectrum Warrior and more, December kicks into gear with four new titles, with some pretty big names coming along for the ride.

If you’re a proud owner of an Xbox Live Gold subscription, and fancy seeing your digital Xbox library increase in quantity AND quality, the following games will be available to download for free through December 2020…

Honestly, it may not be the best Saints Row experience on offer, but in our eyes any Saints Row game is worth taking in, especially when it is free and you’d be crazy to miss out on Gat out of Hell. Stacking is another that is well worth a look, and there’s always a place in the world for a bit of The Raven and Bleed 2.

We think this is one of the better months of recent times; easily on a par with October and November’s free Games With Gold titles. But what do you think? Are these games which will find a place in your gaming life? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget, if you haven’t yet picked up the likes of Swimsanity, Aragami, or LEGO Indiana Jones, then get to it – they won’t be free for much longer now that this next set are on the horizon.

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