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A new bundle has arrived on Xbox One, bringing together two titles from developers Cotton Game Studio and discounting a fair chunk off of the price it’d cost to purchase them separately. Will the saving brought about by the Cotton Games Adventure Bundle entice you in to give this duo a go?

The Cotton Games Adventure Bundle on Xbox One consists of both Alien Cruise and Mr. Pumpkin Adventure, priced at a total of £8.39 via the Xbox Store – which is less than what Alien Cruise costs on its own.

Alien Cruise is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up set in the near future, at a point in time when protagonist is facing a crisis due to the deterioration of the Earth’s natural environment. Fortunately, a team of scientists have detected the existence of other planets outside their own galaxy with other types of life on them and these could be suitable for human beings. As a result, a group of elite space astronauts are assembled to venture into outer space and save their home. In the unknown parts of the galaxy though, they will find great challenges and dangers awaiting them.

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure couldn’t be more different as it’s a wacky point-and-click adventure that sees the aforementioned Mr. Pumpkin go on a journey of salvation within a world of magical vegetables. Prepare for a wide variety of puzzles across a number of levels as you venture deeper into this fantastical, and often quite hysterical, world.

If you end up grabbing the Cotton Games Adventure Bundle on Xbox One, get in touch and let us know your thoughts on these two games. We always love to hear from you via our social media channels or in the comments section below!

Game Description:

Two classic games from Cotton Game Studio now are available with an attractive price, all with unique fantasy art style including exclusive endings for Xbox players

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