For all your triple A blockbusters and well hyped indie titles, it’s always good to see the smaller games rock up on Xbox One. Today, news has emerged that Save the Ninja Clan will be coming to Xbox One – and not only has the release date been confirmed, but the price makes it a bit of a tempter.

Due for release on Xbox One come May 5th 2017, Save the Ninja Clan will be priced at just $2.99. Yep, that’s right, $2.99. Unfortunately, it is that dollar sign which is key to many though as the game has been delayed until the end of 2017 in other territories. But hey, at least you can get in on the action if you are ESRB certified!

But what is Save the Ninja Clan? Well, simply put it is a casual platformer that will also appeal to speed runners. The story goes that an evil ninja has kidnapped your friends and it is up to you to save them. You’ll need to collect scrolls as the journey progresses, whilst also utilising the skills of different ninja warriors – Green Ninja can double jump, Purple has a sprint, Grey can dash with temporary invincibility.

Whether you play the standard story mode, or try to find the secret and bugs just to annoy the watching Game Manager, the choice is yours.


Features include:

  • 30 Unique Levels.
  • Secrets/Bugs in all non boss levels.
  • 3 Ninja types with different abilities.
  • 3 Boss Fights.
  • Game too hard or too easy? Adjust the game speed.
  • You can unlock knife modifications.
  • Many stats are tracked.
  • Replays that show previous attempts.
  • Secret ending which unlocks something secret.

If you like the sound of it, are able to purchase a ESRB game and wish to get your order in early, then the pre-order page should be up and running shortly on the Xbox Games Store. Hit it up.

We will of course remind you when that big launch day comes! Just remember though – $2.99.


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