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Deforestation is a problem that affects us all, there is no two ways about this statement. We need to do something to protect our world from those intent on destroying it. The future of our civilisation is in the hands of everyone, so how about starting the younger ones early on how better to protect the environment? Whilst it may first and foremost be a videogame, Guazu: The Rescue releases today on Xbox with a much deeper meaning to educate the little ones.

In this 2D platformer, Guazu, a young guará wolf, has escaped the clutches of animal poachers and is on a journey to rescue his friends. Each level has keys and money to collect: The keys open the cages of his trapped friends and the money has been dropped by the hunters. At least if they have no money, they can’t afford to attempt to steal the animals again.

At first glance, Guazu does look like a fox to add to the long line of foxes in videogames: Kingsley, Fox McCloud, the unnamed fox in Spirit of the North and more. There is a surprisingly long list of foxes. It is actually neither fox nor wolf but its own species. See, even the article for a subliminally educational game can be educational.

Across 20 levels, you must help Guazu run and jump to rescue his friends. Collect everything though as well; Guazu: The Rescue has a three-star system grading your performance on each level.

Available to download now, Guazu: The Rescue on the Xbox Store is priced at £7.09. It is a cute 2D platformer with a much deeper meaning that will entertain and educate young ones. It also has 20 easy achievements for those without children. Stay tuned for a review coming soon.

Game description

Rogue hunters interested in the animals of the Brazilian Cerrado captured the animals of this forest. Guazu, a young Guará Wolf, managed to escape. An accident with the truck carrying the caged animals caused this cargo to fall into the forest. Guazu intends to rescue his friends and will face various dangers through the wild forest, which is full of traps and enemies. Guazu must collect the keys of the cages scattered throughout the vegetation and the coins left by the hunters, so he will be able to rescue his friends.

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