Ready to save Earth? Want to break open some gems in the process? Gem Smashers is here!

Available right now on Xbox One, Gem Smashers is the latest puzzle game to hit the console, tasking you with helping three friends who are on a quest to try and save Earth. See, when the evil IMBU invaded, they imprisoned the closest friends of these heroes, and are looking to do the same with the rest of the population too. It therefore falls on your shoulders to spring, spin and smash your way to victory, taking down the IMBU and saving the world in the process.

As far as narratives go, Gem Smashers may well fall short, but there is nothing better than a bit of mindless destruction and that may well be where this little indie title excels. Leaving you to jump up and down, hitting colour changers and matching gem colours may seem like a relatively straightforward process, but with the IMBU in the way, you can be sure for a bit of a test.

With a couple of modes present – Story and Battle – Gem Smashers also caters for the multiplayer and should you be able to grab a second player to rock up beside you, frantic multiplayer action is promised. What can be better than just smashing as many gems as you can before a timer runs out?

A £10.39 price tag is all that holds you back from taking a look at this little ‘gem’. If you think it is worth a shot then head on over to the Xbox Store and get a download moving.

Game Description:

Gem Smashers is a fun puzzle game with eight worlds and over 100 levels. Help the three heroic creatures who escaped capture during the invasion of the Earth to rescue their friends. Travel the world springing, spinning, and smashing the crystal cells where their friends are imprisoned. Save the Earth from the evil IMBU and put your skills to the test with Gem Smashers. Features: • Story Mode: Contains 8 worlds with over 100 levels. Choose a Gem Smasher and complete all of the zones to reach IMBU’s spacecraft. Bounce up and down the map and hit colour-changers to match the colour of the gems to smash them. Smash all the gems to open the door and complete a zone. • Battle Mode: Compete against a friend. Grab a 2nd player and get ready for some frantic multiplayer action. Smash as many gems as you can before the time runs out. • Extras: Unlock bonus content by playing through Story Mode. • 3 different characters to choose from, each with their own unique speed, bounce and style.


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