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In times of trouble, there is only one thing to do – fire up a new party game and embrace the utter madness. With the launch of Save Your Nuts on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, that opportunity has now risen. Fancy getting involved?

Available right now on Xbox One (£11.99), Nintendo Switch and – now coming out of Early Access – on PC, Save Your Nuts is a fast and frantic party experience in which you’ll attempt to battle it out against an opposing team in order to save your nuts.

With squirrels, raccoons, dogs, beavers and more present and correct, creating your A-team is a cinch in Save Your Nuts. And from there, whether you go up against the AI, kick back with the family on the sofa, or head online to takedown strangers from across the globe, Save Your Nuts provides the party games.

Three game modes – those of Battle, Capture The Nut and Thieves – along with 10 different arenas will see you able to make a game however you see fit. From there it’s just a case of grabbing some nuts, taking them back to your safe house, and being crown nut champion of the world. And if you want to lay the smackdown on your opponents as you do so, then feel free to fill your boots.

Features include:

  • Couch Party from 1 to 8 Players
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Easy to play but hard to master
  • Replayability with 3 game modes and 10 interactive environments
  • Customizable and complementary characters
  • Accessible, Cooperative and Competitive
  • Challenging AI

Tempted? Want to know more about Save Your Nuts on Xbox One? Our full review is here to let you in on the secrets – give it a read if you’re looking for a new party experience.

If you are sold on this frantic arena-based party game and wish to experience it for yourself, the Xbox Store, the Nintendo eShop and good old Steam for PC will allow downloads to occur. Let us know if you grab it.

Game Description:

Go nuts in this insane 1 to 8 players chaotic arena party game. Put your cooperation skills to the test over intense physics-based battles mixing casual offline modes and competitive Online matches. In Save Your Nuts, crafty squirrels organize a tournament to challenge other animals in a physics-based competition for the ages. Make daring plays alongside your teammates, grab food power-ups, and tackle your opponents to steal their nuts in this wild multiplayer-focused party game!

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