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When the world is on the brink of destruction and an evil being is intent on taking down all foes, it is left to the humble postal guy to save the universe – by delivering a peace offering to the evil Warlock. And that is where you come in as Warlock’s Tower launches on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Available right now on Xbox One and PS4, with a Nintendo Switch launch occurring on the 31st May, Warlock’s Tower is a retro puzzler with elegantly designed levels that have focused themselves around one simple rule – one move equals one life lost.

Priced up at the super cheap asking price of £4.99 – with a launch discount knocking that down further – Warlock’s Tower will see you playing out proceedings as mailman Tim, leaving you to brave the tower and its complex rooms of maddening puzzles, in a bid to reach the top and deliver a peace offering to the Warlock.

If you thought that sounded easy then you’d be wrong. See, every single step you take costs a life point, and with a variety of monsters and traps situated everywhere, and some rooms requiring two characters working in tandem to proceed, you’ll need to stop and consider all options should you wish to see Tim succeed in this little puzzler. In fact, you’ll want to watch every single step you make.

Features of Warlock’s Tower on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch include:

  • Solve 100+ increasingly complex rooms
  • Outwit zombies, flying eyes, & slimes. Your ever-diminishing steps are far from the only danger.
  • Feel the 80s! Retro, 8-bit aesthetics make you feel like you’re playing your favourite handheld again.

Tempted by the test ahead? You can grab a copy of Warlock’s Tower right now on Xbox One and PS4 by visiting the Xbox Store or the PlayStation Store. At time of writing those Nintendo Switch players will need to hold their horses however once the end of May rolls around, they too will be able to get in on a bit of delivery action.

If you are unsure then our upcoming full review will sort you out. Keep a beady eye out for it. Failing that, hit up the trailer below!

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