scarlet nexus bond enhancement pack 1

We were quite smitten by Scarlet Nexus when it released on Xbox, PlayStation and PC back in June, and since that time it’s picked up a whole community of fans. Today though Scarlet Nexus expands, enhanced by the introduction of the Bond Enhancement Pack 1. 

Available to purchase, download and add into Scarlet Nexus today on all formats is the Bond Enhancement Pack 1.

It’s priced at £6.99 from the Xbox Store – and you should expect to pay roughly the same on other stores – allowing players to gain access to additional costume and weapon sets. 

It’s these which have been designs by external creators, drafted in to Scarlet Nexus by the Bandai Namco team in the process. The new costumes and the weapon skins are sure to delight, but the Bond Enhancement Pack 1 (and yes, that hints at further packs down the line) also adds in new Bond episodes, additional SAS abilities and even more. 

Should you be a fan of Scarlet Nexus and are needing an excuse to drop back in, you’ll do well to check out the Bond Enhancement Pack 1. Let us know in the comments if you do. We’re on the usual social channels too and would absolutely love to hear your Scarlet Nexus thoughts.

And if you haven’t yet taken in the base game, you really should. You’ll find that from the Xbox Store too. It’s on PlayStation and PC as well.

DLC Description:

The SCARLET NEXUS Bond Enhancement Pack 1 DLC contains additional costume and weapon sets for all characters with new designs by external creators. The pack also includes new Bond Episodes, new SAS abilities gained from Bond Level Expansion (Bond Level EX), and ways to enjoy new sides to your favorite characters that you didn’t see in the main game!

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