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It may not be the Scarlett that us Xbox gamers have been looking for, but when the kings of the hidden object scene provide a new experience to Xbox One, there is next to no chance that we’re going to ignore it. And with the release of Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child on Xbox One, once more those looking to kick back for a bit of a relaxing time will be sorted.

Priced up at £12.49 and available to purchase and download right now from the Xbox Store, the latest title to arrive from the Artifex Mundi team is that of Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child, a title that puts you in the shoes of one Scarlett Everitt, a young girl afflicted with the gift of the paranormal, running her life with ghosts and spirits accompanying her.

Taking place in an old Victorian mansion, you’ll need to help Scarlett hunt down her father, picking up clues, taking in the finer details and utilising psychic abilities in order to discover what is what, and what is not. With plenty of secrets to uncover, riddles to solve, and dark truths to hunt down, those familiar with Artifex titles will be in heaven – the likes of Queen’s Quest 3 and Modern Tales are well worth checking out.

Features of Scarlett Mysteries on Xbox One include:

  • LOOK FOR CLUES TO THE WHEREABOUTS OF YOUR FATHER! As the protagonist tries to locate her missing father, a clue leads her to the train station next to Baronet Steameyer’s mansion and factory.
  • USE YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES! Scarlett possesses a remarkable gift that enables her to see where her father resided and traveled in the past.
  • SOLVE THE RIDDLES OF A VICTORIAN RESIDENCE! Scarlett hopes to find her father while exploring Steameyer’s mansion. However, the huge house hides terrifying secrets and dreadful mysteries.
  • LEARN THE TRUTH HIDDEN IN THE DARK PAST! What connects the heroine to the Steameyer family, and what dramatic fate befell the mysterious heiress to their fortune? Help Scarlett learn the truth!
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So, ready to give the team at Artifex Mundi more of your money? We certainly are and will be heading to the Xbox Store at the earliest opportunity in order to get a download of Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child moving.

If you’re unsure as to whether this will be a game for you then make sure you keep an eye out for our upcoming review. With the past history that Artifex have though, we’d expect this to be something pretty damn decent.

Game Description:

From an early age, Scarlett Everitt displayed a gift for the paranormal, as ghosts and spirits accompanied her every step. Desperate to protect her from an encroaching darkness, her father, Johnathan, placed her in an orphanage run by nuns. Years later, Scarlett returns to find her dad, and finds a clue that leads her to the Victorian mansion of a baronet named Steameyer.


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