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After being framed for a crime they didn’t commit, an elite squad embarks upon a journey to clear their names. No, this isn’t an A-Team tie-in video game, but instead the premise of the sci-fi tactical RPG titled Element Space and it’s out now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The year is 2199 and Tempest, a terrorist organisation, have pulled off a series of coordinated attacks throughout the solar system, thus ending an era of peace for humanity. Unfortunately for Captain Christopher Pietham and his elite squad of troopers, they’ve been blamed for these atrocities. Hence they must venture across the galaxy to not only prove their innocence, but also save humanity in the process.

This journey leads to intense, turn-based combat with soldiers needing to be strategically manoeuvred to have a chance of overcoming the enemy. Prepare for plenty of action across the 24 battlefields, each of which is full of environmental hazards and destructible cover. You must form a team that’s comprised of companions possessing distinct abilities, beliefs, and allegiances. Gaining favour with a variety of factions enables you to unlock new perks and powerful skills to lead this unit and take the fight to Tempest in a myriad of ways.

Decisions will be of utmost importance as Element Space tracks the choices and actions you make, which then impact how Captain Pietham is seen by those around him. Certain actions can attract specific characters to be recruited for the cause, while others can trigger events and open entirely new branches of the story to explore.

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Features include:

  • Seven explorable factions, each inspired by distinct cultures and traditions, offering their own units, tactics, architectures and perspectives.
  • Eight possible companions, each with their own extensive backstory and narrative arc. Help them achieve their personal goals to unlock their secret perk and maximize their potential in battle.
  • A nuanced ideological system that tracks narrative decisions and battle actions, affecting relations with characters in both Pietham’s squad and the outside world.
  • Multiple endings – From your reputation with different factions to your relationship with your party, every decision you make will shape the destiny of the galaxy.
  • High replayability. The wide range of equipment, skills, perks and companions allows for very different playstyles game to game.
  • Extinction Mode – A hardcore gameplay mode for those looking for an extra challenge.

Element Space, from Sixth Vowel and Blowfish Studios (Minesweeper Genius) is available right now on the Xbox Store and PS Store for £19.99. If you’re into your tactical RPGs and decide to purchase it, be sure to leave your thoughts below as to whether it’s any good.

Game Description:

In the year 2199, the universe is at a fragile peace as factions of the Galactic Congress grapple to determine a future for humanity’s space colonies. Seeking to throw these groups into disarray, an underground terrorist sect called Tempest wreaks havoc across the universe. Lead a squad as Captain Christopher Pietham to thwart radical threats and Tempest’s secret plans. In this sci-fi tactical RPG, command Pietham’s squad through turn-based battles, finding ideal positions to decimate foes in 24 hand-crafted stages complete with destructible cover. Characters aren’t locked into grids, so enemies can stray from cover. Use superior positioning and environmental hazards to gain an advantage and eliminate them from the battlefield. Fight with more than 30 melee and ranged weapons and unlock new perks by building a reputation with various factions. Seize the power of the Sixth Vowel, the powerful practice of the Breath used by Movement of Light to drive humanity’s cosmic expansion. Utilize its abilities to manipulate sound, light, and matter, or wield its fearsome energy against enemies.


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