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Celebrate the year end with the FUSER 2021 Mixtape Pack

The DJ simulator FUSER is back with another new batch of songs to help get your New Year’s Eve party started with a bang. Have a read below and find out which tunes are included in the FUSER 2021 Mixtape Pack for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

8 new tunes come to FUSER in July – both free and paid

We've seen Harmonix keep FUSER fresh by pushing out a host of DLC and new features over the months since release, and it doesn't seem like they are going to be letting up on the content front anytime soon. July 2021 will see no less than 8 new tunes arrive in game, with both free and paid options keeping the DJ 'em up rocking.

FUSER turns up the heat with host of new free and paid DLC tracks

It's a busy old time back at FUSER HQ, with the Harmonix team and those behind the DJ 'em up having recently pushed out a huge free update centred on the new Diamond Stage. But for all the features and improvements in the world, it's the tunes that are the stars of the entire FUSER experience, and what is planned to drop throughout June sees the heat get turned right up.

FUSER shines like a Diamond with a huge free update

After nailing Rock Band for many years and having provided a dancing experience in Dance Central that allowed the music to continue to flow, there were high hopes for what Harmonix were going to do with FUSER - their DJ 'em up, when it launched at the back end of 2020. For the most part they delivered too, but that's not stopped them from continuing to enhance the base game with a plethora of new DLC. Now though it's time for the Harmonix team and the FUSER world itself to step up to the next level, with the introduction of the Diamond Stage.

Feel the free (and paid) love with the FUSER DLC for May

From the get-go Harmonix have been extremely keen to continue to enhance their latest DJ-em-up, FUSER, with a variety of additional content drops, with new releases occurring on a weekly basis. With May 2021 about to kick in to play, a host of new tunes and DLC additions are coming to the game - with players given the opportunity to really feel the love.

New paid and free FUSER DLC detailed to drop in April

Ever since launch of FUSER back in November 2020, the Harmonix team behind it have been throwing out DLC drops left, right and centre; pretty much on a weekly basis. That's the trend which looks set to continue too, especially through April when a host of new tracks have already been detailed - both of the free and paid variety.

Linkin Park headline a trio of new FUSER acts

We've known for a while that Harmonix would be infusing FUSER with multiple DLC packs in order to keep their DJ-a-thon party-starting musical-masterpiece fresh and exciting. And that's been the case since launch too, with a whole plethora of brilliant new tracks having hit the game. Today though it's time to increase the crates once more with three new tracks from three new artists hitting the game - and it's Linkin Park who headline matters.

The Vengaboys bring the Vengabus to FUSER!

I've got something to tell ya, and I've got news for you, the Vengaboys are bringing the party to FUSER, with the Vengabus delivering its intercity disco to all within!

Break out the Reggaeton with new FUSER DLC

Even if it wasn't a decent enough way to pass some time, at least the arrival of FUSER has let those of us still living in the glory days of the 1990s the chance to come slightly more up-to-date with musical matters, mostly through the launch of a host of DLC. Every week seems to be a learning week too, with the latest FUSER drops not just highlighting a bit of Reggaeton, but more besides.

Harry Styles and Cardi B ensure the latest FUSER DLC is golden

Never let it be said that you learn nothing from video games. Whether that be how to drive, how to shoot, how to jump, or how to be a master DJ, holding together a massive party, video games help in many circumstances. If it's that last one you're still trying to get to grips with then FUSER will sort you out, and the latest DLC for the game brings together some of the biggest stars in the business - Harry Styles and Cardi B for two.

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