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Gnomes Garden 8: Return of the Queen Review

What we’re left with is half a game. Gnomes Garden 8: Return of the Queen stops abruptly halfway, thanks to a critical save bug, and it’s a flip of a coin whether you will emerge with your save game in one piece afterwards. At the moment it’s a no-brainer - don’t dare play this. Wait and see if 8floor address the issue.

Gnomes and harpies unite in Gnomes Garden 8: Return of the Queen on Xbox

Releasing on Xbox consoles, Gnomes Garden 8: Return of the Queen continues the city builder-esque gameplay, set across a variety of biomes within this medieval world.

Gnomes Garden 7: Christmas Story Review

We’re not getting the last five hours of our lives back. It’s not that Gnomes Garden 7: Christmas Story is terrible: far from it. In fact, if you’re on the hunt for a relaxed take on city-building, then we might even suggest you play it.

Gnomes Garden 5: Halloween Review

Gnomes Garden 5: Halloween runs a relaxed, simple, city-builder formula, one that we’ve enjoyed in flashes, but it’s also one that has frozen us stiff with boredom on occasion. Much like a garden gnome, we suppose.

The magical world of Gnomes Garden 5: Halloween opens up on Xbox

Back in 2018 and 2019 the Gnomes Garden series started rolling out into the Xbox world. There seemed to be no rhyme nor reason behind how the games arrived, but we lapped them up anyways. Now, some four years since the last addition, Gnomes Garden 5: Halloween pops up. And yeah, it's about as far from the Halloween period as you are likely to get. 

The Gnomes Garden saga continues on Xbox One as Lost King arrives

It's seen a strange old release schedule, but slowly and surely the Gnomes Garden series of games have made their way to console, with Xbox One gamers given the chance to discover the land of the gnomes. Today another game drops onto the library, with the release of Gnomes Garden: Lost King.

Gnomes Garden: New Home brings cheap strategy to Xbox One

Anyone who has kept a keen eye on the Xbox Store over recent months would have seen that there have been numerous Gnomes Garden games rock up and attempt to draw players into the fantastical strategy that they promise. Well, now there's another - Gnomes Garden: New Home.

Get green fingers once more with Gnomes Garden 2 on Xbox One

It's most definitely been a strange launch process for the Gnomes Garden series of games on Xbox One, with the third game arriving first, the initial series opener dropping next and now Gnomes Garden 2 finally arriving to complete the set. But hey, when you're delivering games at super cheap prices, who are we to complain!?

Restore magical gardens with Gnomes Garden on Xbox One

Back in July 2018 the Xbox world was treated to a magical tale of restoration as the Gnome Princess gathered up a team of would-be helpers to try and save their kingdom and ensure the safety of her loved ones. Yep, Gnomes Garden 3 was the game and whilst it delivered a rather repetitive affair, the super cheap price point meant that it became slightly appealing to a number of gamers. But many more were left bemused at the fact that the third game in the Gnomes Garden series popped up before we had the chance to take in the original game. Fear not though, for Gnomes Garden is now here. 

Gnomes Garden 3: The Thief of Castles Review

When I first heard about Gnomes Garden 3, my first thought was "Oh no, I've not played Gnomes Garden 1 & 2, will I be able to pick up the storyline?". Luckily, it turns out that things are relatively straightforward.

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