Captains of Star Trek Online, you should now all have access to the latest update to arrive in the game. But what exactly does the Season 13 – Escalation update bring to the table for players boldly venturing through the galaxy? Well, we’ll tell you…

The Season 13 – Escalation update provides brand new episodic content and features, at no cost, for the free-to-play game Star Trek Online. Those still playing this MMORPG can get involved in two new episodes; the first of which, ‘Mirrors and Smoke’, explores the ancient home planet of Captain Kuumaarke, New Kentar, with captains joining the Lukari on a mission. Nothing ever goes smoothly though, as the Tzenkethi turn up to cause hassle and threaten to obliterate the planet’s moon. The second episode, ‘Survivor’, brings an end to the story of Sela – the Empress of the Romulan Star Empire – and features voice work from Denise Cosby, who portrayed the same character in the Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series.

If that’s not enough content for you, then the inclusion of War Games adds five versus five competitive PvE scenarios to get involved with. Teams of five will battle it out across two new scenarios, ‘Core Assault’ and ‘Binary Circuit’, earning Competitive Marks and Assessed Stratagems along the way. Core Assault is a space-based Convergence class scenario, which sees two flights of captains competing to cross the finish line at a space station in the Adelphous System. The ground-based Gauntlet class scenario of Binary Circuit puts the captains’ minds to the test as they solve puzzles and challenges in a Borg Co-operative Cube.

It’s worth noting that for a limited time period – 8th June-20th July – captains can take part in the inaugural summer event of Star Trek Online, the Lohlunat Festival. Captains are invited to the planet of Rise, to a luxurious Summer Resort where they will cruise around on floaters, complete missions, and earn a ton of rewards. These rewards include pets, costumes, powerboards and Lohlunat Prize Vouchers – which can be redeemed for the exclusive Vorgon Xyfius Heavy Escort [T6].

Season  13 – Escalation is now available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. All you need to do is fire up Star Trek Online and get playing!


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