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It’s a big day for PUBG and its players as not only do we see new enhancements made to the iconic Erangel map, but Season 4 is now in play – and with that comes a couple of new DLC drops.

Available right now, Season 4 of PUBG promises big things. See, not only does Erangel get a huge makeover with new building types, more realistic scenery and amended areas, but it also allows players the opportunity to enjoy countless new missions and challenges.

Season 4 brings Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath to the table and this will allow you to explore the world of PUBG like never before. Coming complete with 400 odd challenges set across Daily, Weekly, Premium and Challenge missions, there are upwards of 100 new rewards in offer with the chance for us all to ‘Red-Zone’ the UAZ.

The Aftermath DLC will set you back £12.49 and is only available for a limited time – as Season 4 progresses in fact – but it will allow you to get kitted out with all manner of gear, focusing on the Punks and their vibe. This means the following could be yours…

  • Punk Destruction Skin Set :
  • Punk Spaulder Leather Jacket (Red) :
  • Metallic Punk Jeans (Silver) :
  • Collar Bone Jet Fighter – Helmet (Level 1) :
  • Metallic Boots (Silver)

Further to that though, and if you wish to see something a little simpler added to your game, the latest Supply Pack will sort you out. This is priced up at £8.39 and adds a little glitz and glamour to the battlefield with cheerleading outfits galore. Not only will you find 1600 G-Coins yours, but the Supply Pack will bring the Cheerleader Skins set which comprises the Shako Cheerleader Hat, Cheerleader Sweater, Cheerleader Skirt and Cheerleader Sneakers.

With the promise from the PUBG gods that our beloved console edition will start seeing the same enhancements as the PC version in a shorter space of time, and cross-network play coming in October, now is a great time to be a PUBG player – and the Supply Pack and Aftermath DLC will only enhance those thoughts.

Make sure you get over to the Xbox Store right now and grab the pack which excites you the most.

Aftermath DLC Description:

Explore the Battlegrounds like never before with ‘Survivor Pass 4 : AFTERMATH’ For your Battleground, Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH provides approximately 400 Daily, Weekly missions, as well as premium missions and Challenge missions. Complete the missions and unlock more than 100 rewards, including “Red Zoned” for the UAZ, the first-ever vehicle skin you get just for upgrading to Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath. Jump in today and remaster your Erangel wardrobe! PUBG – AFTERMATH Pack Content: – Survivor Pass 4 : AFTERMATH – 5 Levels – Punk Destruction Skin Set : Punk Spaulder Leather Jacket (Red) : Metallic Punk Jeans (Silver) : Collar Bone Jet Fighter – Helmet (Level 1) : Metallic Boots (Silver) • This product is available for purchase for a limited time from Aug 27, 2019 (01:00 PDT) to Oct 21, 2019 (01:00 PDT). • Punk destruction skins set is an exclusive skin set only available through the PUBG – AFTERMATH Pack • Survivor Pass 4 : AFTERMATH and Levels can be purchased separately through in-game store. The season for Survivor Pass 4 : AFTERMATH’ ends on Oct 22 (02:00 PDT/11:00 CEST). For more information, please visit the official website of Survivor Pass 4 : AFTERMATH (

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