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Forget that recent times have seen Fortnite rule the roost, for us PUBG is the king of the Battle Royale and the one game to keep a beady eye on. Today though PUBG Corporation have not just revealed the next load of seasonal content, but will be adding in some rather lovely new gameplay mechanics that threaten to tear up the rule book.

So, Update 5.1 for PUBG will see the arrival of Season 5, and the Survivor Pass: Badlands. Going live on PC from October 23rd and then hitting console on the 29th, 5.1 features improvements to Miramar, including updated loot, map objects, terrain, and a static scope on the map-themed Win94 repeater rifle.

But further to that we’ll also have the chance to partake in some new mechanics, with the most notable the fact that we’ll be able to throw items. Whether you prefer to ping a frying pan at your foes, or whip an energy drink to your teammates, tossing items will soon be par for the course.

There’s more though and Miramar updates include:

  • A LA Muerte Vamos Track – A race track has been added, which was the venue for A La Muerte Vamos in Miramar. You can now find newly added objects like ramps, loops, jumps and signboards across Miramar
  • New Gold Mirado – A Gold Mirado has been added to Miramar, which can only be found parked at the garage in Hacienda del Patron. Some terrain in Hacienda del Patron has been adjusted to let you ride the Gold Mirado out safely. Only one Gold Mirado spawns each match.
  • Spring-cleaned Miramar – Removed some small objects and trash in and around buildings to reduce clutter and make movement easier when looting.

Improved Miramar item spawn balance:

The spawn rates of weapons and scopes effective at long-range have been increased to better suit the long-range engagements commonly had across Miramar.

  • AR – 12% increase
  • DMR – 29% increase
  • Win94 – 30% increase
  • Scopes – 18% increase
  • Pistol spawn rate reduced by 31%.
  • The spawn rates of helmets, bags and vests has been increased slightly.

There will also – rather neatly – be the addition of Vending machines in Miramar and Camp Jackal to provide a new looting experience other than picking up items spawned on the floor. This will see you able to get Painkillers and Energy Drinks from Vending Machines, although you’ll want to be careful as anti-theft technology, and any attempt to damage the machine, may expose your location to the enemy!

  • Vending machines are only available in Miramar and Camp Jackal.
  • In Miramar, vending machines spawn randomly at set locations – Arenas, Casino, gas stations, Motels and commercial buildings.
  • In Camp Jackal, Vending Machines always spawn at the warehouse and gas station.
  • If you’re lucky, Vending Machines can dispense many Energy Drinks at once.

In addition to the gameplay updates, the Survivor Pass is back too, this time with new rewards, missions, and improved systems. Survivor Pass: Badlands will reward players with outfits and weapon skins themed around the harsh desert and its former inhabitants. Additionally, you can also dive into the history of Miramar for the first time, unlocking parts of the Season 5 story trailer together as a community, while playing the game like normal.

Will you be checking out PUBG once Season 5 arrives? We found Season 4 to be rather awesome so are hugely looking forward to what this next chapter brings – as long as there are no black holes…

Full details can be found over at the official PUBG site.

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