Vigor season 7

There are more than 5 million Outlanders enjoying what Vigor delivers across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch but now, as we move into Season 7 of the game, we’re finding a host of new options becoming available – and these focus on Mercenaries, stability and all-new experiences.

Season 7: Mercenaries is Bohemia’s next hype bringer for Vigor on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, and we find it pushing out a bigger selection of weapons, and both new openable and lockable exits to add variety and strategy to the maps. The best thing though? We’ve got mortar strikes ready to be unleashed on those who prefer to kick back and camp.

“This time we focused on the quality of Vigor,” says Johanny Clerc-Renaud, Lead Programmer at Bohemia Interactive. “Our team worked diligently on boosting memory optimization, which we expect will vastly improve upon the various crashes and disconnections experienced on all platforms.”

The main additions to Season 7 of Vigor come in the form of the dynamic exits and mortar strikes; two things which may seem subtle on the surface but should hopefully send ripples across the community. You see, it’s something the Vigor community has been calling on, what with issues with players camping map exits for nearly entire matches. Now though we’ve got anti-camping mortars that will bombard players if they stay in one spot without any movement, preventing these extreme cases.

Further though, exits have additional functions with some requiring resources to open, whilst others can be closed once you leave the area. This will add a new layer to each encounter by requiring players to think about which exit to use in different situations.

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In all, expect to find Season 7: Mercenaries of Vigor to include:

  • Battle Pass – Season 7: Mercenaries
  • Openable and lockable exits
  • Mortar strikes on camping Outlanders
  • A new selection of weapons in Shootout
  • B93 Raffica
  • M60E3
  • La Chiave
  • New widget for equipping weapon with ammo
  • Shootout now uses the same spectator as other game modes
  • The return of the Fiske Fabrikk map

Will these help improve your Vigor experience? Let us know in the comments. And if you haven’t yet picked up the game, get over to the likes of the Xbox Store and nab a download – it’s free to play so there’s no real excuse to not give it a shot.


  1. No the mortar strikes are awful. They are meant for campers, but when I play and hide to avoid getting shot and not to shoot they drop on me and I’m screwed. They’ve been dropped on me from a hundred feet away. Signal detectors are being used to hunt players. I have been hunted because players ant make my location even if I have nowhere to go without blowing cover and they find my position. These features are meant to prevent camping and help avoid conflict. They are being used to simply hunt characters by maniacs who just want to kill everyone.

    I know there are different aspects of the game, but we should be able to decide to play I a match with or without these features or in the style of play we want. No matter what it is supposed to be scary and nerve wracking, but all too often it is frustrating and annoying. It truly takes away from the core game play.

  2. Crash crash crash…Terrible season. The worst thing…only one point of interest…not three. I like a lot season 6 but now…I am done. Someone need to be fired…huge disappointment.


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