It’s a busy time in the life of a Secretlab employee. See, not only have the company created a whole ton of brilliant gaming chairs in the last few months, but now they are announcing a brand new partnership that allows them to get a foothold in the eSports world, plus the arrival of a new subsidiary company AND even more chairs!

The Secretlab Titan Stealth is one of our most favourite gaming chairs, and if you are in need of something to enhance your gaming sessions, then we wholeheartedly advise you consider a purchase of one. But should you be looking for something a little different, then the announcement that SecretLab have created a new side project – Neue – will be of interest.

Specialising in computer mesh chairs, Neue will be seen to be using industry-leading, next-generation manufacturing
technology, in order to develop the NeueChair. Using top-of-the-line materials and parts this chair will come with a 12-year warranty, putting it right in place for use as the ultimate modern computer chair.

The NeueChair promises to be fully ergonomic, intuitive to use, and comfortable – all combining into a stunning design to cater to any user who spends long hours seated at work.

Each NeueChair is equipped with authentic premium materials and parts, such as:

  • NeueMesh™: Our special premium 3-layer
    mesh blend is created by combining top-grade
    polyester fibre and DuPont yarn, and
    optimized for long hours of usage, feel on
    skin, and long-term durability.
  • ADC12 aluminum alloy—a metal used in
    modern manufacturing for its harder, greater
    tensile strength yet lightweight properties—for
    the chair’s supporting structure (wheelbase and
  • The NeueChair Obsidian version comes with yet
    another layer of industrial plating for extra
    durability and ultra-resistance to corrosion.
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With hydraulic pistons, simple ControlShift™ hand levers to adjust to your preferred height or to lock/unlock the backrest tilt, as well as giving the chance to alter the depth of the seatbase with a push of a button located at the side of the seatbase, these chairs should certainly prove to be a hit.

They aren’t cheap mind, but after using Secretlab products for a while, you must certainly get what you pay for and the NeueChair will come in two variants – Silver for £649 and Obsidian for £749.

Away from Neue though and Secretlab have also announced a partnership in the eSports world – with Cloud9.

This allows them to create two brand new chair lines, based off the award winning Omega 2018 and Titan models. The Cloud9 x Secretlab edition chairs feature a velcro patch design, allowing gamers to customise their chairs to their heart’s content, whilst all the usual multi-tilt, 4D armrests and memory foam lumbar pillows will still be featured.

If you wish to get involved with any of Secretlab’s chairs, or the new Neue mesh chairs, then head on over to Secretlab right now and place your order.


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