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The final season of the internationally-acclaimed series that is Game of Thrones is now with us, and no matter whether you support Stark, Lannister or Targaryen, the team at Secretlab have got you covered with their new Game of Thrones Collection of gaming chairs.

Secretlab are on a bit of a charge at this time, delivering all manner of special edition gaming chairs to the general public, pro eSports gamers and more. With the previously announced Batman Dark Knight Edition delivering the usual quality just with a stunning Batman design, it’s great to see another utterly awesome range of chairs.

Built for resilience yet designed for comfort, we see HBO and Secretlab team up to deliver the Game of Thrones Collection. And without a shadow of doubt, should you be a fan of the mega-series, you’ll want one, two, or maybe even three of these chairs in your possession.

So what do we have? Well, taking the base OMEGA and TITAN models and including their own Prime PU Leather, Secretlab have managed to craft some stunning looking chairs that allow you to express your love and represent Stark, Lannister or Targaryen.

The black and white Stark offering brings the Grey Direwolf with custom-embroidered House Stark sigil, complete with crow black leather accents, whilst the red and gold Lannister variety sees the iconic Golden Lion in place, with the custom-embroidered House Lannister sigil, complemented with lavish gold embellishments. But that’s not all and there’s a third party in this relationship, that of Targaryen, and the black and red design of the Red Three-Headed Dragon with the House Targaryen sigil, and black dragonscale leatherette accents is a visual winner.

With each of the designs found sitting pretty on the Secretlab OMEGA range for those between 160-180cm in height and less than 110kg in weight, or the heftier TITAN range for gamers coming in between 175-200cm and up to 130kg on the scales, any fan of Game of Thrones who is looking for a new seat to plonk their backside in, could do a whole ton worse than to consider these options.

Remember, these Secretlab offerings come with the usual 4D armrests, the great Prime PU Leather, a full backrest recline, velour pillows, a multi-function tilt mechanism and more to ensure that Secretlab and their chairs are at the very top of the gaming scene.

If you wish to know more, then we have full reviews of both the TITAN Stealth and TITAN Softweave chairs available for your perusal. Give them a read and then let us know if you’ll be heading in to a purchase of the Secretlab Game of Thrones Collection. The comments section is down below.

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