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Secretlab celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary with the stunning Dark Knight-edition gaming chair


We’re massive fans of Secretlab, and even bigger fans of their brilliantly comfortable, great looking, gaming chairs. But thanks to a new collaboration, there’s a new chair on the horizon, and this one is fit for a superhero – Batman!

Created to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman – he’s looking good for his age, no? – international gaming chair maker Secretlab have today revealed the Dark Knight-edition gaming chair. After joining forces with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC, this stunning chair has become a bit of a reality, creating a perfect union between Secretlab and the world’s greatest detective.

So what have we got? Well, the Batman Edition will be available for both the award-winning Secretlab OMEGA and the utterly stunning Secretlab TITAN, with the co-branded line available for purchase direct from Secretlab’s site. Just shoot on over to www.secretlab.co/batman and you could soon be placing your derrière on one of the best looking gaming chairs the world has ever seen.

Said Ian Alexander Ang, co-founder and CEO of Secretlab: “To create a chair worthy of Super Heroes, we took inspiration from the greatest of them all—Batman, a name synonymous with the pursuit of excellence and familiar to every household in the world. We then engineered a chair for a high-performance sitting experience, worthy of even the Dark Knight himself, using top-of-the-line materials, high-precision engineering and a stunning design—exactly how each award-winning Secretlab chair is built. ”

The Batman-edition OMEGA and TITAN models have been designed to capture the essence of the Dark Knight himself, with Batman’s emblem emblazoned on the back panel via a precise, intricate stitching. Further to this, the chair has been complemented by suede black accents to exude a distinctive feel synonymous with the world’s most beloved caped crusader.

As you may expect, especially should you have sat in a Secretlab chair previously, the Batman-edition will also come with all the respective award-winning features of the OMEGA and TITAN models – multi-tilt mechanism, four-directional armrests, velour memory-foam lumbar pillow and inbuilt lumbar support system.

Whether you’re in the market for a new gaming chair, or just wish to show your love for Batman, the Secretlab Dark Knight-edition chairs should be right at the top of your wishlist.

Should you wish to know more about the chairs that Secretlab produce then you could do a whole load worse than check out our reviews. We’ve had the pleasure of taking in many gaming sessions onboard the Secretlab Titan Stealth and the ever glorious Secretlab Titan Softweave.

They are by far the most comfortable chairs we have had the pleasure of gaming in, and the Dark Knight-edition TITAN and OMEGAs look to be just as brilliant.

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