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Secretlab detail their new TITAN Evo 2022 range of gaming chairs


We’re big fans of Secretlab and their gaming chairs. After first using them back in 2017, it has been the Secretlab TITAN which has pretty much powered both our gaming lives and our working hours. In fact, we can’t recommend them enough. Now though Secretlab are looking to push on and with their 2022 range of chairs, they are improving in nearly every aspect. 

It’s the Secretlab TITAN which is our gaming chair of choice, and with the new TITAN Evo 2022 range, that chair just looks to be getting better. For one it’ll now be coming in three different sizes – S, R and XL – with shorter hydraulics in place on the S and R sizes to ensure that no matter what size you pick, the same proprietary ergonomic features will come to the fore. 

Secretlab 2022 Series main

Secretlab are also dropping a new pebble seat base onto the TITAN. Created in their own lab, this combines the finest elements of the TITAN with Secretlab’s Omega range to offer superior ergonomic support. They promise that it’ll guide your body towards the centre of the seat, will still leaving room to allow for a variety of seating positions. It’ll come with a gentler incline to the base too with a waterfall edge allowing more freedom in positioning. 

The 2022 range will also feature Secretlab’s new generation upholstery – the premium leatherette. This incorporates a top resin layer that recreates napa leather for a more natural look. With a multi-layer structure underneath, a base layer of PU reinforced with a 3D fiber structure, the new Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette should be 12 times more durable than the regular PU leather. 

The Softweave version is also getting an upgrade. Anyone who has ever sat in a Secretlab SoftWeave chair will know of its delights, but the SoftWeave Plus fabric should be better still. It’s softer, more breathable and more durable, all whilst still holding the long lasting comfort we’ve become accustomed too. 

Each of the leatherette and SoftWeave versions of the TITAN come in some new colorways too. The NEO Hybrid Leatherette will be available in Ash, Black, Classic, Royal and Stealth flavours, whilst the Softweave Plus TITANs come in Plush Pink, Mint Green, Frost Blue, Cookies & Cream, Black and Arctic White. Honestly, they look superb. 

Secretlab 2022 Series softweave

Getting gamers comfortable in a chair is Secretlab’s mission though and the new 4-way L-ADAPT Lumbar System is their most versatile yet. Completely re-engineered, dialling in lumbar support as you see fit should never be easier. Throw in the full-length ergonomic backrest, the multi-tilt mechanism, a new Pro level Lumbar Pillow for those looking to go to the next level and a new magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow that attaches to the headrest via hidden magnets and that fit should be spot on. 

Hell, Secretlab have even added in full customisation to their 4D armrests too, with an all new CloudSwap replacement system letting the user hot-swap the tops out to a different material. Again, magnets are key. 

With Small (height 150-169cm, weight <90kg), Regular (height 170-189cm, weight (<100kg) and XL (height 181-205cm, weight 80-180kg) sized TITANs coming out of Secretlab in the months ahead via the Evo 2022 range – and each of those complete with NFC anti-counterfeit technology embedded in – what was already one of the very finest gaming chairs on the market should well be better still. 

Secretlab 2022 Series seatbase

We’re super excited to discover where Secretlab go next. What about you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

Neil Watton
Neil Wattonhttps://www.thexboxhub.com/
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