2017 was a big year for Secretlab and after expanding their reach and hitting UK shores with their gaming chairs, became serious players in the market. Today though they are upping the game and pushing things on to the next level as they’ve announced the addition of Napa leather to their range.

The Omega and Titan ranges of Secretlab chairs were already right up there in and amongst the big names in the gaming world, but now Secretlab have released their most luxurious line yet – a line that features top of the range Napa leather as found in the highest end luxury cars and Italian brands.

Available exclusively for the Omega and Titan models, Napa leather is more in tune with the trimmings of a luxury car. Premium yet durable, the Napa leather ensures that the Secretlab chairs are now the most luxurious yet, succeeding last year’s Omega Elite with its top-grain leather. The Napa line is however only available in limited quantities.

Napa leather is a one of the most highly sought after and expensive upholstery materials, it is characterised by its soft and smooth texture. That used by Secretlab undergoes minimal treatment so it retains its ​natural ​look ​and ​remains ​supple, ​leaving ​you ​with ​a ​buttery-soft ​seating ​experience.

“We wanted to round off our existing catalogue by creating the most luxurious gaming chair in the market, one which combines the elegance and durability of a premium leather armchair with the functionality and support that’ve become the hallmark of the Secretlab brand,” said Ian Ang, Managing Director and co-founder ​of ​Secretlab.

“We sourced for best-in-class upholstery, to really take things up a notch. Our choice was a select cut of soft calf leather that is incredibly soft, durable yet supple. It’s almost addictive to touch. It checked all the boxes for what we were looking for. That’s how the NAPA line was born.” said Alaric Choo, Technical Director ​and ​co-founder ​of ​Secretlab.

About the ​Secretlab ​NAPA ​Series

The NAPA Series combines the top qualities of the Napa leather with the well-received features of the OMEGA and TITAN chairs, including the chairs’ multi-tilt mechanism—which allows users to adjust and lock the tilt and recline of the seat and backrest respectively—as well as the four-directional armrests and the ​TITAN’s ​in-built ​adjustable ​lumbar ​support ​system. The result is two new ultra-luxurious chair lines that offers unparalleled comfort, rich aesthetic and luxuriousness that can only be fulfilled by the presence of natural leather, while providing each user’s back, shoulder and even arms with the right amount of support with the OMEGA and TITAN’s intricately-designed ​features.

The OMEGA NAPA chair has a list price of £750 but will be available at a special launch pricing of £649. ​It ​will ​be ​available ​in Wine ​Red and Navy ​Blue. The TITAN NAPA meanwhile comes listed at £800, but will also be available at a special launch pricing of £699. It will be ​available ​in Navy ​Blue.

If you wish to know our thoughts of the Secretlab Titan Stealth chair, then make sure you check out our review. Quite frankly, it’s a stunning chair that would be a great addition to any gamer’s arsenal. And with Napa leather? Well…

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